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Marinated Garlic Salad

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Here’s a super easy recipe for all you Garlic lovers out there. Marinated Garlic goes great on the side of Steaks / Chicken / Pork or vegetables. You can also add Hot Peppers to the jars as well. Jalapenos and some Chili powder for a southwest flavor, a few drops of Sesame Oil and a couple Thai Chiles for an Asian style or Scotch Bonnet peppers and a tsp of Allspice for a Jamaican Jerk style Garlic.

Pickled Spicy Garlic
Pickled Spicy Garlic

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Spicy Italian Aioli

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Here is a great spread for those big party subs that you get at the grocery store. The basil helps to mute some of the heat from the habaneros, just enough to let you know that they’re still there. This is by far, one of the best toppings for Italian hoagies. Some of this aioli and a little bit of Balsamic or Red Wine vinegar and it will make the best sandwich you ever had. After mixing this all up, it will stay good for about a week in the fridge if its in a covered container.


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Southwest Habanero Vinagrette

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This makes for a good sauce to top chicken or pork with. Goes especially well with burritos and tacos. It is extremely hot tho, so try a little at first until you feel the heat once. The vinegar really helps to maximize the oils out of the peppers that carry all the tongue burning capsaicin.


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Chicken Cordon Bleu

This recipe is for a quick Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner. It has it’s roots in Switzerland of all places, but was more American-ized in the 50’s. It’s a nice take on the normal baked chicken and makes for a nice entree with some masked potatoes and greenbeans on the side, or, don’t bread the chicken and it makes for a great sammich filler.

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Guy Fieri’s Tex Wasabi Menu

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Guy Fieri is one of those tv personalities that I just don’t care for. It’s the look of his that just screams “trying to cling to youth” that I find annoying.  I do give him credit as a cook tho and he does make for entertaining television.  He’s been in the restaraunt game for a while now, and while people hate on him for coming up with some goofy shit, it really is what ‘Murica wants and i can’t blame him for catering his menus to make the most money. So with all the heat Guy Fieri is getting over his new spot in NY,  I figured I’d post the menu to one of his other restaurants, Tex Wasabi, for some ideas. As stupid as “Gringo Sushi” sounds, there’s some good pairings of flavors.

You can find the Full Menu at the Tex Wasabi Site

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Football Bacon Beans

I made this recipe Sunday for the first games of football.  It was really cheap and fed a whole group of people with leftovers for a few days.  It’s the ultimate “Combine Everything and Put it on Low” recipe that frees you up to do other things while you are waiting for it to cook.

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Sweet Apricot Chicken Wings

This sauce is awesome.  It does things to your tastebuds that is only legal in Vegas. It’s an Chinese style sweet/hot sauce that is perfect for chicken wings. You can boost up the heat with more Sriracha or Frank’s Red Hot. This will give you a good amount of marinade/glaze and will work for about 5 pounds of wings.

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Low Carb Red-Pepper Sauce

This is a “fancy” sauce that pairs well with Fish and Chicken but can also be used as a dip. Depending on the price of heavy cream, you may want to make a double or quad order as this is really tasty and will last about 1~2 weeks in the fridge.

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