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Guy Fieri’s Tex Wasabi Menu

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Guy Fieri is one of those tv personalities that I just don’t care for. It’s the look of his that just screams “trying to cling to youth” that I find annoying.  I do give him credit as a cook tho and he does make for entertaining television.  He’s been in the restaraunt game for a while now, and while people hate on him for coming up with some goofy shit, it really is what ‘Murica wants and i can’t blame him for catering his menus to make the most money. So with all the heat Guy Fieri is getting over his new spot in NY,  I figured I’d post the menu to one of his other restaurants, Tex Wasabi, for some ideas. As stupid as “Gringo Sushi” sounds, there’s some good pairings of flavors.

You can find the Full Menu at the Tex Wasabi Site

Gringo Sushi

Guy was rockin’ the Gringo Sushi long before he was on Food Network. Innovator…not imitator!

Big Bird on Fire $6.45

Blackened chicken breast, rice paper, sushi rice & natural cut fries. Garnished with sweet chili sauce.

Hidden Chicken $7.25

Thin slices of teriyaki chicken, rice paper, sushi rice, avocado, tangerine, crushed wontons & iceberg lettuce. Served with teriyaki dipping sauce.

Jackass Roll $7.45

BBQ pork, rice paper, sushi rice, avocado, natural cut fries & a garlic chili mayo sauce.

Kemosabe Roll $6.75

BBQ tri tip, rice paper, sushi rice, natural cut fries, crispy onions & a garlic chili mayo sauce.


Served With Natural Cut Fries.

Oyster Po-Boy $13.95

Fresh oysters dusted in seasoned cornmeal flour & fried. Served on a french roll and dressed in true New Orleans Style.

Red Rocker Chicken Sandwich $11.95

Grilled breast on a pretzel roll with jack cheese, red pepper relish & fried jalapeños.Made for our brother Sammy Hagar.

Tokyo 5-0 $12.95

Grilled teriyaki chicken breast, topped with jack cheese, waka waka cabbage & pineapple salsa. Served on a brioche roll with crispy wonton.

The Big Dipper $13.95

Half pound smoked tri-tip, pepper jack cheese, roasted garlic horseradish aioli. Side of Au Jus.

Half-Pound Texas Tri-Tip $13.95

Smoked tri-tip topped with melted jack cheese, grilled red onions & chopped shishito peppers. Served on a toasted French roll, smeared with a roasted garlic aioli. Side of BBQ sauce, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and dill pickles.

Tom “The Real Deal” Turkey Sandwich $12.95

Brined smoked turkey, avocado, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onions, crisp bacon & a cilantro lime aioli. Served on a sourdough roll.


Hong Kong Noodles $14.95

Marinated chicken sauteed with onion, red bell pepper, carrots, celery & a hoisin broth. Topped with shiitake mushrooms, mung beans & snap peas. Served on a bed of cripty noodles.

Tangerine Beef $16.95

This slices of flank steak sauteed with shishito peppers & tangerine sauce. Served with a bed of basmati brown rice & grilled baby bok choy.

Cajun Catfish $18.95

Blackened catfish filet stuffed with shrimp & corn salsa.Served with green beans & white rice.

Eye of Rib Steak $30.95

14oz. of tender, flavorful Choice USDA steak cut from the eye of the rib! Served with red potato, pepper hash & rojo onion rings.

Seared Ahi $21.95

Sesame crusted Ahi seared rare & topped with a drizzle of cilantro lime aioli, stir fry vegetables & basmati brown rice.

Teriyaki Chicken Breasts $15.95

Marinated, charbroiled double breast, topped with pineapple salsa & white rice.

Mi So Honey Cod $18.95

Miso & honey brushed cod, Szechuan green beans & basmati brown rice.


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