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Sweet Teriyaki Marinade

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This marinade is perfect for chicken and tougher cuts of meats, the alcohol really penetrates the meat and makes it so tender, that you can use the cheaper cuts of meat and after a day or so of marinating they taste just like the top cuts.  Just mix all the ingredients together and add to a large ziplock bag and allow to marinate 24-48 hours.

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Alligator Fritters

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This is a awesome recipe for Alligator Fritters, It a deep fried batter mixed with vegetables and meat. These can also be substituted with catfish if you can’t find alligator. You can order it online at a ton of different places. This recipe is a little long, so the short version (TL;DR) of it is base of 1 part Egg, 1 Part Flour and 1/2 part Milk. You season and add some finely diced vegetables then add the protein you’d like and fry it up.  Easy as pie.Read More »Alligator Fritters

Onion Sauce: NY Hot Dog Cart Style

New York is known for it’s hot dog carts all over the city.  Sabrett, the supplier behind Katz’s Delicatessen, is the most well known maker of the tangy red sauce.  It’s a basic easy sauce but by letting it simmer together longer it really develops a sweet and smooth richness that goes great with sauerkraut and relish piled up on a ballpark frank.

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Bacon Wrapped Garlic Clove Bites

 These little Bacon Wrapped Garlic bombs are just great for parties, if you have a crowd of garlic lovers.  They take minutes to prep and are a nice treat with the sweetness of the Garlic and the saltiness of the Bacon.  With only 2 main ingredients, this is also one of the cheapest party snack you can make.

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