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Protein: Amounts

Shortcut: An ounce of meat or fish has approximately 7 grams of protein.


  • Hamburger patty, 4 oz – 28 grams protein
  • Steak, 6 oz – 42 grams
  • Most cuts of beef – 7 grams of protein per ounceRead More »Protein: Amounts

Tempura Batter

Here’s a simple recipe for tempura batter. This is a great way to whip up some dinner if you happen to have some shrimp, veggies or even leftover chicken/steak/pork.  It only takes 5 minutes to whisk up the batter and another 5 to cook everything and you’re all set to go.  A quick dinner on the cheap is some tempura chicken on top of Ramen noodles with some hoison sauce and sriracha.

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Hawaiian Pork Stir Fry

Here’s a healthy option for a Hawaiian Pork Stir Fry, The cornstarch helps to thicken the sauce a bit, but if you don’t have it you can use flour, you just won’t have the shiny-ness in the sauce that cornstarch gives.  If you don’t have flour then just the wine down to about 1/4 to keep it from being a runny sauce.  The recipe will also work with chicken, beef or tofu if you want to use this recipe more than once.

Ingredients:Read More »Hawaiian Pork Stir Fry

‘Murica’s Best Burger

This recipe makes some of the best burgers you will ever have. The Onion soup mix gives such a perfect even flavor to the beef that they really pair well, giving a good boost without overpowering it with an onion-y taste. Plus you can use this as a good base for adding any other seasonging or add-ins that you want, and it also makes a great meatloaf.

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French Onion Grillin’ Glaze

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Here’s a great glaze to use on your next cook-out.  It’s definitely different than barbecue sauce and the usual sauces. The sweetness really comes out as it starts to char on the meat and the glaze begins to caramelize. Try it on chicken and fish for a great new taste that’s sure to please.

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Sweet Teriyaki Marinade

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This marinade is perfect for chicken and tougher cuts of meats, the alcohol really penetrates the meat and makes it so tender, that you can use the cheaper cuts of meat and after a day or so of marinating they taste just like the top cuts.  Just mix all the ingredients together and add to a large ziplock bag and allow to marinate 24-48 hours.

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