Just Cause 2: Points of Interest

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Just Cause 2 is an open world, sandbox type of game where you play as a top level assassin with a grappling hook and parachute. It’s a fun idea, allowing you to float around, dive from above and grapple/connect/attach multiple objects together to really cause some damage.  Flying around I started to notice all kinds […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Preview

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Rockstar Games is still working on getting the new Grand Theft Auto ready for distribution. They’ve been releasing some sporadic screenshots the last few months and to say the least, they are looking pretty awesome. The graphics look great and some of the new toys that will be available for use in the new game […]

Free Slenderman Game!

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This game is beyond freaky. It’s a great game because it focuses just on creeping you out.  There’s no violence, no insane imagery or graphics engines rendering anything out of this world.  It’s just you running thru a park, a flashlight, trying to find 8 notes about the Slenderman without actually running into the Slenderman.

99 Problems and the Legalities Involved

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I found this article written up by Caleb Mason, a professor of Law from the Southwestern Law School in southern California. Basically he goes thru the song and writes a synopsis on the legal choices that Jay-Z makes throughout the song. Pretty cool and really freakin interesting. You can find the downloadable pdf here = […]