BP-200 Mo-Town / Funky Ampeg

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You can use this patch to get that deep bassy funk sound like James Jamerson or Donald Dunn. It’s great for covering almost any funk, R&B, MoTown or most rock songs from the 60’s-70’s.  It’s setup using a DI box or headphones, so depending on the amp and cab you are using, you will probably […]

Chipotle’s Guacamole

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Here’s a recipe from Chipotle Mexican Grill on how to make their signature guacamole, it’s a pretty standard guacamole recipe, but it does use a ton of Serrano chiles. Surprisingly, there’s no garlic, tomatoes or seasonings, so it’s a pretty basic recipe but still good none the less. For a complete chip and dip experience, serve […]

Pac-Man Patterns and Hiding Spot

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The Patterns of Pac-Man When you play the classic game Pac-man, it might seem as if the four ghosts are actively chasing you. That’s not exactly true. Iwatani intentionally avoided programming them with that purpose, since that would have resulted in Pac-Man zipping around the screen with four ghosts always right behind him.

Guitar Scales Cheat Sheet

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I wanted to post this just to have a quick guide up for a reference when needing a different scale pattern to use on the fly. This info came from a variety of sources that I found while browsing around the other day. So, Let’s start with the basic patterns for the main scales everyone […]

Survival Go-Bag

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So I was browsing around and found this site, 72hours.org which is a pretty good resource for getting ready for any type of emergency situation where you will be out of your normal element for a few days.  After browsing around, I came up with a basic necessity list for what would be needed in […]