Ghost Mango Chutney

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I found this recipe online to make a Ghost Pepper / Mango Chutney that would go great on pork or chicken. You can add or decrease the amount of Ghost Pepper that you use to taste, as this will make for a spicy sauce.  A Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia is about 6-10 times stronger […]

Citrus Garlic Gator

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After spending my weekend watching Swamp Wars, which is a great show, I really want to try alligator.  I found a few places online, like where you can order it and have it shipped right to your door. I’ll have to pick up a few pounds of rib and tail meat and give this […]

Elephant Garlic Steaks

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Elephant Garlic Steaks are good change to fry up quickly for a healthy tasty meal that’s full of flavor. These are quick to prepare and easy to make, but they will leave your breath smelling awfully potent from all the garlic. Clove of Elephant Garlic Ingredients: 2-3 Cloves Elephant Garlic 1 lb Steak 4 Tbsp […]

Danelectro “Mini” Guitar Effects

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Danelectro is a company that used to make amplifiers for electric guitars back in the 40’s-50’s before going into manufacturing their own line of guitars, basses and effects. The effects that they make are well known for having a great clean crisp tone, here’s a snippet from their wikipedia page: Danelectro Mini Effects Pedals “Today, […]

Dod Death Metal Distortion Pedal

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DOD released the FX86 Death Metal by early 1994, probably at the same time as the FX33 Buzz Box. Designed for use with guitar or bass, the FX86 was painted solid black with a blood-red splatter finish befitting its name. The FX86 was unique among DOD’s distortion pedals in that it featured three bands of […]

Bass V-Amp Pro Setup Tips

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The Bass V-Amp Pro is a rack mounted effects and amp modeler that gives out some great clean tones that can be used for Bass, Guitar, Keyboard or even Vocals. I’ve recently started playing with mine more and after looking around online I found two guides from a guy named Charlie that have some awesome […]

Chicken Fried Bacon

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Chicken Fried Bacon is a way of serving bacon and probably the most unhealthiest way to make it. This is a Texas style snack, so it’s big, it’s greasy and it’s deep fried meat dipped in country gravy. There’s nothing more ‘Murican than taking pork fat, frying it in grease then dipping it in butter […]