Survival Go-Bag

So I was browsing around and found this site, which is a pretty good resource for getting ready for any type of emergency situation where you will be out of your normal element for a few days. After browsing around, I came up with a basic necessity list for what would be needed in a quick-to-grab Go-Bag that will let you survive a situation for up to a week if need be without losing many of the amenities that we’ve become so accustomed to. Ivermectin oral past for rats I feel like for a survival bag, you also have to think outside the box a bit too. carlos chaccour ivermectin Like, consider all sorts of situations you might find yourself in. You’ll need to be able to protect yourself, so perhaps you might look at weaponry; guns, or pocket knives to be exact. And then, what if there is a chemical attack? Perhaps some radioactive iodide tablets are what you would need to survive. I mean, these are real-world problems for sure, however very unlikely unless you live in the middle east. nissei ivermectina Still, you just never know! That’s why I’ve provided an example of a survival go bag down below for you to see!

Example of a Go-BagExample of a Go-Bag

A Go-Bag is just as it sounds, it’s a bag full of the basics that someone would need if emergency struck and had to evacuate without warning or time to pack. This can be made for less than $20 and you can leave it in the bottom of the closet, so it’s out of the way, but you can still grab it and go if need be. These are the most important items that you’ll want to have in yours:


  • 3 Changes of Clothes (Pair of Thermals, 2 T-Shirts, Jeans, Running Shorts, Long Sleeve Shirt)
  • 3 pairs of Socks ( 2 regular, 1 pair of thick wool socks)
  • 3 pairs Underwear (you wouldn’t believe how important this is)
  • Jacket or Hooded Sweatshirt (it gets frigid at night, even in the desert)


  • Can Opener
  • 3 Cans Tuna Fish or Chicken
  • 3 Cans Soup
  • 3 Protein Bars
  • 3 Water Bottles


  • Cash (Small Denominations, plus Quarters)
  • Flashlight
  • Radio (Battery Operated)
  • Batteries
  • Map ( Print out or Paper map, there’s no 4G without electricity)
  • Whistle
  • Dust Mask / Gas Mask
  • Ziplock bag of Matches and a few Lighters
  • Multi-Tool / Knife
  • Gun and Ammo
  • Sharpey Marker and Small Notebook


  • Toothpaste / Toothbrush
  • Water Purification Tabs (You can find these cheap in Walmart’s camping section)
  • Band-Aids / Neosporin
  • Mirror (Also can be used for signalling)
  • Sewing Needle and Spool of Thread
  • Extra Glasses or Visual Aids
  • 3 days worth of any Prescription Medications
  • Copy of any Medical / Insurance cards
  • List of any Allergies / Known Issues


  • Small Tarp
  • Mylar Blanket
  • Spool of Paracord (Probably the most important part of your bag)
  • Small Flashlight
  • Magnesium FireStarter
  • Duct-Tape

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