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MW3 New Maps: Overwatch and Black Box

So there’s 4 more maps coming out soon for MW3 for the Elite dropping on March 20th from what I see.  Here’s a quick synopsis and pic from the new ones.  You can find the video walk throughs on MW3’s main site.


From what I’ve seen, this map is gonna be a lot of running around the top of a New York Skyscraper. There’s not many support bars around so it looks like there’ll be alot of falling off.

Overwatch Map for MW3Overwatch Map for MW3


Fighting alongside a crashed Air Force One, this map offers alot of sniping points and also alot of counter sniping so that you’re not held to a campers will, but also should offer some good close quarter combat areas in the middle.

Blackbox Map for MW3Blackbox Map for MW3

BLACK ICE (Special Ops)

Black Ice is a Special Ops only map where you need to snowmobile thru and blow up the target for the win.

BlackIce DLC for MW3BlackIce DLC for MW3

NEGOTIATOR (Special Ops)

Secure the VIP’s using your skills on the stick in this new map for Special Ops play only.  This along with Black Ice is the first time that Special Ops content has been offered thru DLC.

Negotiator DLC for MW3Negotiator DLC for MW3


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