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Danelectro “Mini” Guitar Effects

Danelectro is a company that used to make amplifiers for electric guitars back in the 40’s-50’s before going into manufacturing their own line of guitars, basses and effects. The effects that they make are well known for having a great clean crisp tone, here’s a snippet from their wikipedia page:

Danelectro Mini Effects PedalsDanelectro Mini Effects Pedals

“Today, Danelectro primarily produces effect pedals. There are eight main runs of pedals: original effects, FAB effects, mini effects, vintage effects, Wasabi effects, Paisley effects, Cool Cat effects and other miscellaneous effects. All run on 9V batteries or power adapters. The original effects featured metal enclosures and FET switching. Cool Cat models are the most recent pedals, designed with metal enclosures and true-bypass switching. Danelectro has begun rolling out Cool Cat V2 pedals, featuring extra ‘under the hood’ features. Mini effects pedals are smaller, compact pedals with effects resembling those of the original effects and the FAB effects. Vintage effects include the large, rectangular Spring King and Reel Echo effect pedals. The discontinued Paisley series featured paisley-patterned drive effects in original style enclosures. The Wasabi series features large, futuristic-looking metal enclosures. FAB effects are the cheapest of the bunch, and feature plastic enclosures somewhat larger than the Mini effects series. The Mini effects are often praised for their high quality tones, but the plastic construction makes them fragile.”

Here’s a PDF file I found that has the best tone settings for their Mini series of guitar effects.

Danelectro Mini Effects Settings

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