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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

Iron Man 3 is coming out to theaters May 3rd. I’m not a big fan of superhero movies but Robert Downey Jr. makes these movies an entertaining and fresh series to watch. The plots have been average but the real winner is the special effects. With the 200 Million dollar budget they got, it’s a must that everything is smooth, life-like and rendered to perfection.

Jon Favreau is only on as the executive producer and passing the directorial reigns. Shane Black is taking over the directing of this movie, being the second film he’s directed but with his screenwriting background on the Lethal Weapon movies, hopefully it comes out to be a decent watch.

Rob Zombie’s “Lords Of Salem” Trailer

This moth has been a big one for Rob Zombie. Coming out with his album “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” after 3 years and his new film Lords of Salem. Here’s the official trailers for his new movie which just came out April 26th.

New Kick-Ass 2 Trailer!

The new trailer really makes this one look like it’s going to be good. usually sequels aren’t close to the originals but with this comic book style of movie, there’s alot of potential. Plus with Jim Carrey playing a role and McLovin changing up his character, I’m def going to download it haha.

Django Unchained

Finally got to check out Django Unchained and I thought it was a great movie. It clocks in a bit over 3 hours which is ass numbing long but there are a ton of great scenes. Samuel L Jackson totally steals every scene he’s in with just the looks he gives and his lines are great. I highly suggest it, sneak it some snacks because you’ll definitely get a bit hungry by the second act.

If you've seen the horse part in the movie, this is laugh out loud funny.

If you’ve seen the horse part in the movie, this is laugh out loud funny.

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Godfather Restaurant Scene

There’s a scene in The Godfather where Michael sits down for a dinner meeeting with Virgil Solozzo and Mark McCluskey. It’s such a great scene in movie history. At one point during the sit-down, Solozzo speaks to Michael in Italian, and there’s no subtitles because he’s speaking so quickly.


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Casino Royale (1954): Full Movie

The first film to feature Bond, was a 1954 hour-long tv-movie based off of the book, Casino Royale. CBS paid Ian Flemming, $1000 to adapt the book into a tv special. What’s crazy, is they “Americanised” James Bond to be “Jimmy Bond, an American Combined Intelligence Officer”  The episode aired live on 21 October 1954 and starred Barry Nelson as secret agent “Card Sense” James ‘Jimmy’ Bond and Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre.

A brief tutorial on Baccarat is given at the beginning of the show by the presenter of the programme, William Lundigan, to enable viewers to understand a game which was not popular in America at the time. For this Americanised version of the story, Bond is an American agent, described as working for “Combined Intelligence”, while the character Felix Leiter from the original novel is British, renamed “Clarence Leiter” and an agent for Station S. René Mathis does not appear as such. His surname is given to the leading lady, named Valérie Mathis, instead of Vesper Lynd.

Here it is, for your enjoyment…. Casino Royale!