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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

So I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises a few times over the weekend. Like any Christopher Nolan movie, it’s very visually impressive but there’s just so much shit in the movie that befuddles the hell out of me watching it. There were a ton of points, even more than usual, that really give you a thump on the ear as you’re watching the movie. I’ve listed a few as I’ve been watching it that just really get to me.

Overall, The movie is definitely worth watching a few times because let’s face it, it’s a movie about a billionaire superhero and evil villains, so I give it some creative license. There’s tons of spoilers but if you’re going to read about the plotholes, you know what’s coming. TLDR; Great visual effects and definitely entertaining but more holes than swiss cheese. Read More »Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes


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