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[GEAR][BUILD] Has anyone successfully built headless tuners that don’t look janky?

Something nice looking like strandbergs tuners. I feel like a hardtail could be modded to accomplish this without spending $300 on prebuilt tuners. I know the locking pieces are just a set screw so that's easy, I'm just not sure about the fine tuners. This would be for a multi scale build.

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[QUESTION] Are Ibanez guitars lower quality?

I was gigging with a friend the other day, and he found a spare Ibanez guitar in the back closet while poking around (the kind that gets put back there and forgotten about till years later because it's worth the same as a Costco box set). Pulled it out to play just for a few minutes – just for kicks. When we were done he said it "played well, at least for an Ibanez."
He said a similar thing about mine (though more carefully worded), also an Ibanez, but not a junker.

Now, this buddy of mine is pretty damn good with guitars. Playing-wise, I view him almost as a mentor to me since he's very skilled. He taught professionally for a number of years so I don't doubt his knowledge either. But I always thought Ibanez guitars were fairly respectable? Not the highest quality on the market by any means, but still good for at least hobbyists. Am I wrong about this? Just curious as to what the overall guitar community thinks. Thanks!

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[Question] How to get this metal/hard rock tone?

i know the basics of achieving tone with amps, but this has a deep rumbly quality to it i cant figure out. are they downtuned? what chords are they playing? any information you can dig out of this is greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance.

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[QUESTION] my guitar paint job ( I am in desperate need of help) stoping by is very much appreciated!

Hi everyone, couple of days ago I tried painting my guitar and I don't think it turned out well, when I finally finished the paint job, you could clearly tell by feeling it that it is not even or you could say layering up( you could fell the red layer separate from black and black separated from white. I was expecting for it to turn out to be flush like feel flush using finger to run down the guitar. Also I have a problem of the paint, when I applied my clear coat and waited for a day, after that day, I tried touching the finish with my finger nail and there was a dent when I applied a bit of pressure to the finish. I was expecting it to be harden not soft. Can you help me? I tried searching for many solutions online!

Please help me out! This would be a major part to my project, THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY. Every single comment is much appreciated!



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[PLAY] Two handed tapping, space-inspired piece I made. Enjoy!

A buddy recently challenged me to put myself out there and share some creative guitar stuff. I wrote this a few years ago but finally recorded a video. It's not perfect, but I'm working on a more polished take. Figured I'd just put this out now or I never will.

Guitar: Kiesel CT624

Effects: Donner compressor, Boss GE-7, Boss ME-50 for delay and chorus.

Audio: Shure SM-57 into preamp and DAW (Cubase)

Video: potato webcam on laptop

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Buying a new bass , is the Marcus miller m7 5st tbl from sire a good option for the price point?

I need to get a new bass, I currently have a Yamaha rbx170 , and I wanted to upgrade without spending a fortune .. this bass is about 700€ on thomann I didn't know the company that makes them , is it a good choice or can I get something better for the same price ?

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