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[QUESTION] What type of guitar is this?

I am interested in the instrument in this song right at the beginning:

First of all, is it a guitar, or is it something else? If it is a guitar, is there a special type he's playing or is it a standard guitar? As you might be able to tell, I know next to nothing about guitars.

I know this is probably a dumb question and a weird time of year, but I think the sound is really pretty and I'd like to consider learning to play whatever he plays. 🙂 Thanks!

P.S.: Is what he is playing a difficult song? How long would it take a beginner like me to get to a point where they could play this song?

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[Feedback] Am I as good as my housemate tells me?


Little bit sloppy, haven't played in a few weeks and haven't been recorded in years. Sorry about the compression. It was saved on a phone and sent through messenger, then to youtube.

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[GEAR] Need help deciding between a Vintage 1956 Stratocaster or an American Elite Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker

I've been playing classical guitar for 2 years now but I really don't know much about electric guitars

My thought process is to buy just one nice electric guitar that will be my baby

Forgive me for my noobness

Here's the links Vintage 1956

American Elite Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker

Is the price difference really worth it? Because if it is I have no problem with the money, I just want to make sure it's actually worth it

Thank you!

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[Question] Original Price of Mesa Heartbreaker?

I can't seem to find this information anywhere. What was the original msrp of a Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker?

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[PLAY] Little Wing Band Cover

Found this on YouTube, not my cover. For me, this band does a phenomenal job cause they play it really well in a different way. The vocals are a little less harsh but really floaty, the guitar has a really good solo, and there's a solid piano solo in there too. Overall, there's some really decent pocket playing and everyone seems to be in the groove.

Little Wing covers are so much fun to listen to lol.

edit: post wrong link first time around

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Bass Compressor

Dyna Comp, Pigtronix Philosopher ou Spectra Comp. Does anyone could help me to choose one?

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