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Deftones Live; Concerts from ’09 and ’11

This video is the full concert that the Deftones did at Lollapalooza back in 2011. It’s a pretty good concert, the sound guy does have his bass mix off tho, you can tell around 20 mins into it when Carp’ starts cussin’ out the sound guy in the lyrics of the song then slams his mic. The second one is a concert of theirs from 2009 that is alot better audio quality and more of the older tunes to it.
I downloaded the audio track to this using a free Firefox plugin called, “Easy Youtube Video Downloader 6.7”, you might not be able to find it still but there’s a ton others out there but I like it ’cause it’s easy and it gives you a bunch of different options to download as which is great for downloading different video and audio types for my different devices. I’m not plugging them or shit like that, but definitely a great app, I’ll download a ton of live concerts for when I’m driving back and forth to work. All the hits and they are always just a slightly bit off cause it’s live.

  • Feiticeira
  • Elite
  • Diamond Eyes
  • Rocket Skates
  • 5Birthmark
  • Engine No. 9
  • Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  • My Own Summer (Shove It)
  • Digital Bath
  • You’ve Seen The Butcher
  • Sextape
  • Passenger
  • Change (In the House of Flies)
  • 7 Words

The 2009 concert is one of my favs, nothing better then sitting in back to back traffic blaring this so loud that I can almost hear my speakers start to distort, and I have a Bose system so that shit is loud!

00:01 Feticeira
03:25 My own summer (shove it)
07:50 Hexagram
12:01 Beware
18:25 Elite
22:55 Nosenleed
27:44 Korea
31:41 RX queen
36:28 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
40:14 Headup
44:15 Minerva
49:10 When Girls Telephone Boys
53:14 Change
58:56 Back to School

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