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[DISCUSSION] Why was Jimi Hendrix so important?

Hi everyone. So I have to write a four-page research paper on an example of a revolutionary for school. I chose Hendrix, because obviously, he influenced every electric guitar player to come after him ever, but I'm also aware that he was very socially and politically influential. Basically, the overall question I have to answer is Why does this person matter? What would life today be like if they had never existed? Thanks so much!

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You have the opportunity to get one bass made by anyone. What do you pick and why?

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[OC] How to critique your guitar playing (14 minute video)

As promised, here is the video to accompany this post (very tl;dr).

Link to the YouTube-video:

How to critique your guitar playing

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[GEAR] Couldn’t find any cabs I liked, so I built two of my own! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

Here they are!

Title pretty much says it all here! I put two WGS G12C 75W speakers in them, and they sound awesome. Construction is solid pine, and 3/4" oak ply for the baffles. They sound awesome! For the exterior I used marine vinyl. I think it'll hold up pretty well. Not a huge fan of the material I used for the grills but I can always change that later.

Overall I'm pretty pleased!

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[DISCUSSION] Shoutout to Guitar Center

I bought a used Schecter Omen 8 used from Guitar Center online. It was 3+ hours away, and it said it was in, "Great Condition." From the pictures, it looks fine. You probably can't tell from these pictures I took.

At first I didn't think the damage was too bad. Some dings, and it needed a new nut. Easy fix, I've replaced a few nuts before, no problem. I was planning on doing it today. Throughout the week I kept finding more problems. I would've had to replace the entire neck…

So a little disappointed, I go to my local Guitar Center to return it. They were fantastic. Normally they wouldn't refund the shipping costs for returns, but they did, and apologized a ton. They then went out of their way to make sure I was happy. I was only looking for a 7 or 8 string and they made sure I got to play everyone they had. They went to the back and got at least a dozen for me to play.

I fell in love with a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser (I'll post pictures later), which was quite a bit more than the Omen 8 I traded in. They gave a 10% discount on top of the store credit on the remaining, and gave me a free 2 year protection plan.

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[QUESTION] How would you approach songwriting for Stoner-Rock/Stoner-Doom?

I´m already listening to a lot of Stoner Bands for years and I´d really like to play this kind of music.

But I´m always stuck when it comes to songwriting, especially since I paused playing guitar for about 3-4 years in the recent past. Whenever I sit down and try to come up with something, it feels like I lack ideas, it feels repetitive in a boring way and I´ll get frustrated really fast.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve? What should I look into? You can find loads of resources for metal, rock, fusion, blues, funk, etc. but nothing especially for the stoner-subgenres.

Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, mates.

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