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Cast Iron Pan Cooking / Care

Cast Iron Pans are one of the greatest cooking tools ever created. These little babies are perfect for use on both on top of the range and in the oven, going from one to the other with ease. You can find these just about anywhere, tho Walmart does carry the Lodge brand of cast iron pans in most stores. Lodge is the premiere cast iron maker in the USA and is also the oldest! Cast iron pans will last a lifetime and a half as long as they’re cared for properly.




Cast Iron needs to be “seasoned”, as they call it, before using the first time.  Some come pre-seasoned, such as Lodge skillets and pans. If you found an old one at grandmas’s or maybe picked one up at an antique store, it will definitely need to be cleaned and seasoned. To season a cast iron pan, you want to make sure it is completely clean. You can use steel wool and a good degreaser followed by dish soap until all crud and rust is removed. After the pan is clean, dry with a paper towel and then, using vegetable oil, rub down the entire pan/skillet with the oil and a paper towel. Once the pan is coated fully, place upside down in a cool oven, turn the oven to 350 and give it about an hour for the oil to get into the iron. Turn off the oven and give it 10 minutes or so to sit. Using gloves, because it will be extremely hot, take out the pan and wipe off any excess oil.  You’re all good to go now.



Cleaning a cast iron skillet or pan is child’s play.  Because the iron is seasoned, and we use oil when cooking in it, the non-stick properties of the skillet help to keep a lot of crud from sticking to the metal. After cooking, you can usually remove most everything with just a scrub sponge and some dish soap. If there is anything burnt on, you can usually just scrub if off with steel wool and water and then oil to make sure its covered.  No matter what you do, always make sure the skillet is oiled, which helps to keep rust away.



Beeman Kodiak X2 Air Rifle

I’ve had my eye on a .22 caliber air rifle for quite some time now. I’ve seen this type a few years ago in a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog and they were running about $150-$200 which I just couldn’t justify spending on an air rifle when I could very well just pick up an actual .22 rifle for the same price. While I was at Wal-Mart the other day, I seen one of these beauties marked for $99.99 and had to grab it. This kit comes with a break action barrel, reciever/stock, 2 interchangeable barrels (one .117 caliber and one .22 caliber) and a scope.

Beeman Kodiak X2 Air Rifle

This is a professional break-barrel, spring powered, .22 and .177 caliber air rifle.

Walking to the door with this in one hand and a pack of .22 caliber hollow points, I knew I was up for a fun night of cutting thru cans in the backyard. Read more →

Bought a Boss DS-1

I just picked up one of the most famous distortion boxes ever made, the classic orange Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal, on eBay for $25 with an adaptor and original box/info. I’ve been looking on picking up a new distortion pedal for the last few month and this one was a good deal for a great, easy to modify pedal with tons of kits out there. I’ve played around with this pedal at guitar center and really do like it as it is. it has a good amount of range from a nice breaky grit to a metal lead sound, and playing with the tone knob and your pickups can really give you a ton of tones.

Boss DS-1

Boss DS-1

Is it the best I’ve heard, not by far, but it’s a pedal that you can always rely on Read more →

Custom Guitar Pedal Travel Case

This weekend I finally got some time to build up a project I’ve been planning for a few months now. I got enough pedals to where I just don’t have enough room for them on the pedal board I had. Also, all the wires were a pain in the ass and jumbled up. I seen a couple  examples online and they were all around $200-$500 for the size I needed. (1, 2, 3) I’ve had leftover wood from a mirror project I did a few months ago, so I planned something out more to my needs and easier on the bank account. I came up with a 19″ x  29″ hard, powered pedal board / travel case.

All the Plans I need

All the Plans I need

My biggest needs was to be able to layout in a useful manner all of my pedals. Because I have 10 of them, I needed to be able to tap one on or off without crushing another. Also, I had a wireless system that barely got any use so I wanted to incorporate that as well. I decided to go with a 2 level setup to maximize my space available. Read more →

Custom “Fuzz Monster” Pedal

I’ve had my eye’s on a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz pedal for some time now. It is the quintessential fuzz pedal for rock from the 60’s to today. One of the great things about being such a famous piece of gear is so many people have opened it up and played with the guts to mod their own style out of it. There are hundreds of pages of mods for the big muff you can find just by googling and you can find specs for any version whether you have a Little Big Muff like me or the full size one, Russian, Rams Head, Triangle or any mod already.

Standard Little Big Muff Fuzz Pedal

Standard Little Big Muff Fuzz Pedal

My Custom SUS Audio Fuzz Monster Pedal

My Custom SUS Audio Fuzz Monster Pedal


For mine I wanted to switch out three main things after doing a ton of research on the different tones. I love the Muff when it’s at about 10 o’clock Sustain. When you start to turn it up it has a tendency to Read more →

Custom Cheap True-Bypass Phaser

This weekend was a  pedal project weekend for me. I had a Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Fuzz pedal and a Behringer VP-1 Phaser Pedal (which is a Small Stone clone). I love them both and looking around online I found a few mods for them. The Phaser pedal is a great copy of Electro Harmonix’s Small Stone Phasrer pedal which I think sounds awesome. Has a great tone and can go from a barely there smooth airyness to Hendrix, to Van Halen even to a superquick tremelo effect and anything else you can think of, you can check out a basic here.


Great pedal but a terrible scheme. Everyone knows which pedal is which so know reason to have to have so much of it dedicated to branding.

Some extra red paint, sharpie and Silver paint pen can do wonders.

Some extra red paint, a sharpie and a Silver paint pen can do wonders.

I found it for $20 on ebay,or you can go $25 new, but you get what you pay for parts wise. Read more →