Coil Tap Results

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Over last weekend, I went and installed a coil-split on my guitar using a push/pull potentiometer. Here are the results between flipping from the full output of the humbucker to the more nuanced and snappy single coil pickup. There’s a ton of info out there you can find just by using Google but, the best […]

D.I.Y. Coil Split Project

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A guitars pickup is what takes the vibration of the string and makes it an electrical signal that can be amplified. Origianlly guitars had one single coil pickup. These single coil pickups, like those found on a Fender Strat or Telecaster, are noisy. Along with the guitar strings, they amplify electrical disturbances, which creates a […]

Humbucker Wiring Color Chart

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Right now I’m in the process of making some modifications to my guitars wiring. Installing some switches to select between each individual coil plus the full humbucker requires only basic soldering skills but with each manufacturer using their own color codes, it can get confusing. Here’s a great guide for getting the North, South, Hot […]