Beeman Kodiak X2 Air Rifle

I’ve had my eye on a .22 caliber air rifle for quite some time now. I’ve seen this type a few years ago in a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog and they were running about $150-$200 which I just couldn’t justify spending on an air rifle when I could very well just pick up an actual rifle that uses 22 Long Rifle almost for the same price. While I was at Wal-Mart the other day, I saw one of these beauties marked for $99.99 and had to grab it. This kit tends to come with a break action barrel, receiver/stock, 2 interchangeable barrels (one .117 caliber and one .22 caliber), and a scope.

Beeman Kodiak X2 Air Rifle
This is a professional break-barrel, spring powered, .22 and .177 caliber air rifle.

Walking to the door with this in one hand and a pack of .22 caliber hollow points (, I knew I was up for a fun night of cutting thru cans in the backyard. The first thing you feel even as picking up the box to throw it in the cart, is this is no cheap toy. Weighing in about 10lbs, you feel like a bad-ass when you heft this up to look down the barrel. It’s not the usual plastic, lightweight feeling you get with the Daisy pump-up rifles. It feels like something you’d need to look into carrying laws (be they or any other) if you wanted to move it around.

This is a pretty handy kit if you swap barrels often. I don’t see myself using the .177 barrel often enough to need to carry it constantly.

Starting with the load, it takes a good effort to crack the barrel and cock this gun up. The spring is no weak piece and I’m sure this will last a while. As with most break barrel, spring loaders, this gun packs a decent punch for recoil. I was really surprised with the feeling after pulling the trigger. I cretainly wouldn’t want to be in front of the business end of this little puppy.

A decent 3×32 scope. Good enough for getting a clear sight but nothing to write home about.

It comes with a pretty decent scope setup but no iron sights, which I can deal with since I’m going to be plinking with it at about 30 yards. At first, after shooting about 10 or so shots, the scope bumped itself out of place, but I added a little bit of electrical tape around the mounts and tightened the hell out of it and haven’t had an issue after that. I took about 2 dozen shots to finally sight in the scope before I was hitting a dime size bull’s eye at 20 yds with ease.

I’m a fan of Premier ammon as I never really had any issues with them. Pick up a tin of these hollow point bad boys for any small game hunting.

I def plan on giving it a camo paint job as the black and shiny steel are too polished for my taste in a small game gun and I already seen a couple tutorials on getting a good, flat woodland camo finish to help conceal this 4 ft long monster. Nothing gives away your position like a 2ft long bright shiny metal barrel.

2 thoughts on “Beeman Kodiak X2 Air Rifle

  1. I’ve had my eye on this one….now that you’ve had it for awhile how’s it holding up….pros & coins one this gun

    1. I love it! Its damn accurate for the price. I’ve taken it small game huntin’ multiple times now and consistently bring down game within 70 yards. The springer guns have to held right because of the forward recoil that they have. Hold it loosely with both hands when you pull the trigger to allow it to push itself and get the proper shot. For cons, you can’t really mount a bipod on it because it is a pump barrel but a $15 shooting stick fixes that easy. Well worth it for the price you can get. Make sure to use locktight on the scope rings because it does vibrate quite a bit.

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