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Do It Yourself

How to Relic a Guitar

Guitar Relicing is the practice of making a new guitar look like it has been on the road gigging for years. It’s basically taking the guitar and beating it up, scratching it, nicking, scratching and dinging it up, and forcing 20 years of traveling and shows into a weekend.

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D.I.Y. Cold Smoker

Cold Smoking is needed if you want to smoke cheese, olives, fish and other items that don’t need a high heat to cook, or items that you want to impart a nice strong smokey flavor.  I’ve seen these from time to time and gave it a try the other weekend.  It turned out pretty good and was a fun little 2 hour project while sipping on a cold beer with some good tunes.

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Cheap Cedar Planks for Grilling

If you use Cedar Planks alot when grilling fish, you can save a good amount of cash by purchasing your wood planks at home depot or any other hardware store.  The kitchen planks at the store can go for $5 a piece, which is way overpriced for what you’re really getting….. a plank of cedar wood. Read More »Cheap Cedar Planks for Grilling

See-Thru Potato Chips

Heres a great recipe form Instructables that shows you how to make clear see thru potato chips, Give it a try Glass Potato Chips

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce Recipe

This is a basic recipe for a louisiana style hot sauce. The vinegar is what gives it that Frank’s Red Hot / Trappy’s type of taste to give you heat and flavor.  You can use any type of peppers that you want, the standard is cayanne or tabasco peppers but there is no limit as to what kind of mix you can make. If you like ’em, put ’em in!

My Favorite Hot Sauce
My Favorite Hot Sauce

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Hell-Raiser Hot Garlic Sauce

For an insanely hot sauce that you can put on just about everything, give this recipe a try.  It goes great on pizza, sandwiches and even as a spread for toasted garlic bread.  All in all it’s pretty cheap to make and it stays good for about a week, or even more if you know how to sterilize and properly can it.

An Amazing Combo
An Amazing Combo

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KFC Secret Herbs and Spices Recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken is up there in terms of secrecy surrounding it’s recipes. the 11 secret herbs and spices have a ton of theories behind them.  A writer named William Poundstone has done a ton of research on the recipe from talking with employees to hiring cooks to reverse engineer some fried chicken. He says that he came up with THE recipe and he’s slanging it in his cookbook.Read More »KFC Secret Herbs and Spices Recipe