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Coil Tap Results

Over last weekend, I went and installed a coil-split on my guitar using a push/pull potentiometer. Here are the results between flipping from the full output of the humbucker to the more nuanced and snappy single coil pickup. There’s a ton of info out there you can find just by using Google but, the best place to start in my opinion is, where you can fin all the parts you need and so many schematics and diagrams its insane, whether you have 1, 2 or 3 pickups, you can find a mod for them.

Push/Pull Pot Wired Up

Here’s a quick demo of a Major scale on the Bridge pickup, First is Full Humbucker, Second is Split Single Coil [audio:]
Here’s a quick demo of a Minor scale on the Neck pickup, First is Full Humbucker, Second is Split Single Coil [audio:]


Broadway Style Vanity Mirror

So this project was for a Broadway style vanity mirror. I found them online for $250-600 so decided to try and see if I could custom build one. All the materials I got from Home Depot for about $200.


It was pretty easy actually, I sketched out about what I wanted to do on a piece of notebook paper, went to Home Depot to see what parts were available then adjusted my plans accordingly. I wanted to have lighting Read more →

D.I.Y. Coil Split Project

A guitars pickup is what takes the vibration of the string and makes it an electrical signal that can be amplified. Origianlly guitars had one single coil pickup. These single coil pickups, like those found on a Fender Strat or Telecaster, are noisy. Along with the guitar strings, they amplify electrical disturbances, which creates a hum. Gibson came out with Humbucking pickups, which are just 2 single coil pickups that are run at opposite polarities, which help to cancel out electrical noise.


Humbucker Pickups

Sometimes, the sound of a single coil pickup is wanted, so if you have a guitar with humbuckers then you have 2 single coil pickups per humbucker already. Coil splits”, which allow the pickups to act as “pseudo-single” coils by either Read more →

Humbucker Wiring Color Chart

Right now I’m in the process of making some modifications to my guitars wiring. Installing some switches to select between each individual coil plus the full humbucker requires only basic soldering skills but with each manufacturer using their own color codes, it can get confusing. Here’s a great guide for getting the North, South, Hot and Ground colors matched up for wiring right.

Courtesy of the Serymour Duncan site.


Big Muff Fuzz D.I.Y. Info

Electro Harmonix’s Big Muff Fuzz Pedal is such a legendary effect. All the sustain and distortion you can want for metal or roll back the levels and get a nice dirty blueshouse sound. Looking around I found a site that has a ton of info about fuzz boxes, including the Big Muff and a ton of other pedals. He even goes as far as mappng out the PCB, schematics and component layout, which is genius and is so helpful to make your own pedal clones, or just to have the info for modifying your current pedal. Read more to see pictures and then check it out for sure over at FuzzCentral Read more →

Great Site:

Looking around for different guitar tone and trick sites, this site sums up so much info it’s unreal.  Whoever runs it really put in some work compiling and archiving information on just about everything you can think of for pedals and amps. It’s definitely worth checking out if you play guitar or bass or are in any type of audio field. Free, good information is hard to come by anymore but has been around for a while.  Go check it out!