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DIY Wasp/Bee/Hornet Trap

So here’s a clean, easy, eco-friendly way to catch and kill all those annoying flying bugs during the summer.  This tap only takes a few minutes to build but you can easily fill one of these with hundreds of the bodies of your drowned enemies within an hour.

Follow these few simple steps to clean up your next backyard party:

  1. Take a a water bottle up to 2 liter bottle and cut the top 3rd cleanly, straight off.
  2. Flip the neck upside down, placing the next in the bottle.
  3. Tape and/or staple the top together so that there is no room for escape. Rub a bit of cooking oil around the top funnel, which will help from giving them a good grasp of the walls of the trap.
  4. Fill up withe the “Bait” to about 2 inches below the opening.
  5. For bait, you want to mix 1 tsp of Dish Soap along with 2 oz of water and then 3-4 ounces of one of the following:
  • Beer
  • Red Wine
  • Sugar
  • Pop
  • Red Meat (for Early Spring and Late Fall when they seek protein the most)

Place near a nest and watch your trap fill up as they go crazy getting in but are unable to get out.


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