Make Money in GTAV wth Lester

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The biggest trick with Grand Theft Auto 5 is to save the Lester Missions for last. Go thru all of the heist missions to make a good amount of money (between 15-40 million depending on your choices), then use that money tospeculate on the stock market. Each of Lester’s missions will return a great percentage […]

Dime on a Treadmill

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So this s how you know that the first world has way too much time on their hands. Here’s a video of a dime rolling on a treadmill for just over an hour. It’s so stupidly mesmorizing that it my new favorite trick to fall asleep to. about 4 minutes of this and you can […]


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This is a pretty awesome video done by Skeleton Crew Motion Pictures. One guy does a great job of matching up his rhythm and cropping out his different characters while playing a beat on a cup then harmonizing with different recorded clips of himself.