Sweet Apricot Chicken Wings

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This sauce is awesome.  It does things to your tastebuds that is only legal in Vegas. It’s an Chinese style sweet/hot sauce that is perfect for chicken wings. You can boost up the heat with more Sriracha or Frank’s Red Hot. This will give you a good amount of marinade/glaze and will work for about […]

California Roll

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California Rolls are a type of sushi known as makizushi, which literally means “Rolled Sushi”. Every sushi restaurant does them differently but the main idea is an inside out roll (where the seaweed is inside the rice) with avocado, cucumber and crab meat. Ingredients:

Spicy Tuna Roll

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I just got in my sushi mat set that I ordered a few days ago, so I’ve been on a sushi kick since.  I’ve made a few of these rolls for dinner the last couple days. It’s actually pretty cheap to make up sushi surprisingly, much cheaper than going out.  The main ingredients like the […]

Crab Stuffed Wonton Rangoons

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This is a pretty standard recipe for Cream Cheese based Crab Rangoonss, just like you get at almost every chinese restaurant.  You can use just Cream Cheese and Salt/Pepper if you want somethign plan or add in whatever you like with the Cream Cheese to make your own flavor.  You can also substitute out the […]