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Breakfast Bacon Strips

Only cooking breakfast for one and want something quick without a lot of hassle? These little snacks are perfect for a quick breakfast. It’s the Egg, Bacon and Toast all in one artery cloggin’ stick of crunchy, meaty goodness.

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Eggs Benedict

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Eggs Benedict is a easy to make, great breakfast cure for a hangover. It’s the basic American style breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast smothered in hollandaise sauce.

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Bacon Wrapped Garlic Clove Bites

 These little Bacon Wrapped Garlic bombs are just great for parties, if you have a crowd of garlic lovers.  They take minutes to prep and are a nice treat with the sweetness of the Garlic and the saltiness of the Bacon.  With only 2 main ingredients, this is also one of the cheapest party snack you can make.

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Mushroom Bacon Cream Sauce

I’m a huge fan of Bacon and Mushrooms. I just think that together they have a great flavor that goes well with anything like Pizza, Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Pasta and Vegetables.  This is a cream style sauce that is light, pretty quick and easy to make and is just full of flavor.  Add some Peas and Carrots and this can even be topped with parmesan cheese and used as a cream sauce for raviolis or linguini just like alfredo.

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Onions

Fire up the grill and give these stuffed onions a chance.  They’re a nice way to switch up the menu and they jsut explode with flavor from sitting and grilling / steaming with all that bacon and butter. Plus, with being so easy to cook, you can throw these on the grill off to the side with some corn and let them cook up while you’re finishing the steaks.

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Candied Brown Sugar Bacon

Bacon is amazing, but sweet tangy Bacon is even better! Try out this next time you’re making breakfast for a great switch from the regular bacon you make all the time and it will save you from having a hot greasy pan pop up at you as you’re finishing your eggs.

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Jersey Breakfast Dog

The Jersey Breakfast Dog is listed as on of the top 10 things worst things to eat but yet it is one of the tastiest. Here’s the basic listing for one, you can add whatever you like  to clog your arteries even faster.

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Chimmichurri Sauce

Chimmichurri is a South American sauce used for grilled meat. It is originally from Argentina but is also used in Uruguay, Bolivia, and in countries as far north as Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. It’s a quick paste to make up but tastes delicious and adds a fresh kick ot anything grilled.

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