Siracha Powder

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So I just seen this technique to make your own Sriracha powder.  Basically it’s just dehydrating the Sriracha until it clumps together and then you can crush it up to give you a super intense powder that goes well on top of everything.  It does get very spicy as all the water is removed from […]

Anesthesia / Pulling Teeth Bass Tab

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Anesthesia by Metallica Bass Tab So Whenever this song comes on I can’t help but feel like jamming out along with it. Cliff was an amazing bassist that really did get snuffed out before he was able to really shine. Here’s one of the best metal songs played for bass guitar. Tabbed out by […]

The SuperBowl Sniper Nest

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I just seen these pics when I was browsing around all the different SuperBowl posts and links online. These are just awesome, to think that the whole half of the field was scanned with one of these big caliber bad boys and they didn’t even notice. There’s always snipers at any event with as many […]

Jalapeno Parmesan Cheese Dip

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Here’s a Jalapeno Parmesan Cheese Dip that I plan on making to snack on for the Superbowl. I seen a recipe online while looking for ideas that blended parmesan and jalapeno and decided that a spicy, white cheese dip would be something different from the “nacho cheese” style that is normally done with jalapenos. Fresh […]

Teriyaki Beef

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Teriyaki is actually a combination of 2 words, “Tari” for the shine that is left from the sugar content of the sauce and “Yaki” for cooking by grilling or broiling.  You can find any number of teriyaki sauces at the grocery store or market, but it basically all breaks down to Soy Sauce, Sugar , […]

Shredded Kalua Pork

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True Kalua Pork is cooked in a really neat way.  It’s done by building an underground fire-pit then placing rocks in the fire to allow them to heat up.  The after seasoning a pig and wrapping it with Banana and Ti Leaves, its buried in the pit and left for 6-12 hours until the meat […]

Huli Huli Chicken

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Yesterday was the Hawaiian Lua Feast here at my office, so they got a ton of food from Kona Hawaiian Grill. It’s an awesome place to try if you’re looking for something different, fresh and delicious, this is their version of barbecue Chicken made with a sweet teriyaki style sauce called Huli-Huli Sauce. Ingredients: