Clemenza’s Red Sauce

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So, if you’ve watched the Godfather, then you know the scene that I’m talking about. Basically, it’s a quick part of the movie where Clemenza is describing how to make his Spaghetti Sauce.  I’ve always added a little bit of sugar and wine to my red sauce to give it some depth and sweetness, and […]

Chicken Scampi O.G. Style

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When I worked at the Olive Garden, this had to be by far, my favorite dish to cook.  The sauce is probably the most unhealthiest one that they serve, but the taste is outta this world.  Plus you can use the sauce for just about any type of pasta or meat or even as a […]

Olive Garden’s Chicken Marsala

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There’s something about the Marsala wine sauce that the olive garden has that I was in love with. It tasted delicious on everything from chicken, beef, pork, fish and even on the breadsticks.  Here’s how you can make this great dish at home for cheap. Normally, they make up the Marsala Sauce before hand but […]

Olive Garden’s Cappellini Pomodoro

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Well, Today I’m on an Olive Garden kick.  Here’s the recipe for Capellini Pomodoro, which is a light, extremely flavorful sauce on top of angelhair pasta that makes for a wonderful lunch. Just enough to fill you up but not overload you and give you the after eating sluggishness that usually comes with pasta. Ingredients: