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D.I.Y. Coil Split Project

A guitars pickup is what takes the vibration of the string and makes it an electrical signal that can be amplified. Origianlly guitars had one single coil pickup. These single coil pickups, like those found on a Fender Strat or Telecaster, are noisy. Along with the guitar strings, they amplify electrical disturbances, which creates a hum. Gibson came out with Humbucking pickups, which are just 2 single coil pickups that are run at opposite polarities, which help to cancel out electrical noise.

Humbucker Pickups

Sometimes, the sound of a single coil pickup is wanted, so if you have a guitar with humbuckers then you have 2 single coil pickups per humbucker already. Coil splits”, which allow the pickups to act as “pseudo-single” coils by either Read More »D.I.Y. Coil Split Project

Big Muff Fuzz D.I.Y. Info

Electro Harmonix’s Big Muff Fuzz Pedal is such a legendary effect. All the sustain and distortion you can want for metal or roll back the levels and get a nice dirty blueshouse sound. Looking around I found a site that has a ton of info about fuzz boxes, including the Big Muff and a ton of other pedals. He even goes as far as mappng out the PCB, schematics and component layout, which is genius and is so helpful to make your own pedal clones, or just to have the info for modifying your current pedal. Read more to see pictures and then check it out for sure over at FuzzCentralRead More »Big Muff Fuzz D.I.Y. Info

Homemade Cured Bacon

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I found this instructable on making your own cured bacon. It was taken from a recipe out of  Charcuterie. This would make for a really neat weekend project, plus it will give you the option to add your own seasonings and flavors…. maybe a Sweet Habanero Breakfast Bacon.


Ingredients:Read More »Homemade Cured Bacon

Apple Pie ‘Shine

Around the holidays, Apple cider starts to pop up in all the stores for really cheap. This recipe makes a helluva tasty drink that is pretty strong, and it is perfect for the holiday season.  You can drink it cold for a refreshing taste or heat it up for a cozy sipper after dinner. The recipe is basic and cheap, which works out perfect for the holidays as you don’t have to spend much and you can make gifts out of it, because really, who doesn’t like a nice gift of booze?!?

Ingredients:Read More »Apple Pie ‘Shine

Popular Sushi Rolls and Ingredients

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Fusion Sushi is the art of mixing and matching different ingredients for the inside of a sushi roll. Originally, Edo style sushi was just the rice and one ingredient wrapped in the nori sheet. As it’s popularity grew, so did the number of combinations and recipes. These are the main ones that you’ll find almost anywhere around the US that have a combination of ingredients.

Sushi Platter

Common Sushi Rolls and Their Ingredients:Read More »Popular Sushi Rolls and Ingredients

Just Cause 2 Tips

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These are some other Coordinates that you can check out for some EasterEgg type visuals. The Lost trick is pretty neat if you’re a fan of the show.  Next time you’re running around check ’em out for yourself. 

DIY Wasp/Bee/Hornet Trap

So here’s a clean, easy, eco-friendly way to catch and kill all those annoying flying bugs during the summer.  This tap only takes a few minutes to build but you can easily fill one of these with hundreds of the bodies of your drowned enemies within an hour.

Follow these few simple steps to clean up your next backyard party:Read More »DIY Wasp/Bee/Hornet Trap