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Make Money in GTAV wth Lester

The biggest trick with Grand Theft Auto 5 is to save the Lester Missions for last. Go thru all of the heist missions to make a good amount of money (between 15-40 million depending on your choices), then use that money tospeculate on the stock market. Each of Lester’s missions will return a great percentage and you can easily make up to about 3 billion dollars after completing them. Make sure you choose the companies below for the maximum return. Buy heavily in these companies with all 3 of your characters before starting the mission.Read More »Make Money in GTAV wth Lester

GTAV Mythbusters

These guys at DefendTheHouse have been putting up a series of videos where they try and bust any myths about Grand Theft Auto 5. From lighting gas trails with a cars exhaust to knocking down cable cars, they cover a ton of tricks with these.

Read More »GTAV Mythbusters

Custom Guitar Pedal Travel Case

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This weekend I finally got some time to build up a project I’ve been planning for a few months now. I got enough pedals to where I just don’t have enough room for them on the pedal board I had. Also, all the wires were a pain in the ass and jumbled up. I seen a couple  examples online and they were all around $200-$500 for the size I needed. (1, 2, 3) I’ve had leftover wood from a mirror project I did a few months ago, so I planned something out more to my needs and easier on the bank account. I came up with a 19″ x  29″ hard, powered pedal board / travel case.

All the Plans I need
All the Plans I need

My biggest needs was to be able to layout in a useful manner all of my pedals. Because I have 10 of them, I needed to be able to tap one on or off without crushing another. Also, I had a wireless system that barely got any use so I wanted to incorporate that as well. I decided to go with a 2 level setup to maximize my space available. Read More »Custom Guitar Pedal Travel Case

Broadway Style Vanity Mirror

So this project was for a Broadway style vanity mirror. I found them online for $250-600 so decided to try and see if I could custom build one. All the materials I got from Home Depot for about $200.


It was pretty easy actually, I sketched out about what I wanted to do on a piece of notebook paper, went to Home Depot to see what parts were available then adjusted my plans accordingly. I wanted to have lighting Read More »Broadway Style Vanity Mirror

Chicken Picken’ and Country Guitar Basics

Chicken Picken’ is a guitar style of quick country runs and banjo style rolls. A mix of bends, double stops, slapping and popping the strings and a twangy guitar is standard for ay country tune from the beginning. These are a few licks from a youtube video I found that goes over a little lesson. Definitely something worth working on to help your picking hand and your scales. A pretty basic progression for country songs to solo over is A-D-E, which is found in a ton of hits from Lynard Skynard to Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackosn, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and so many more.Read More »Chicken Picken’ and Country Guitar Basics

NHL 13 Dekes


With the start of hockey season, you have to step your game up if you’re playing online with EA Sports’ NHL 13. The hardest part is mastering all the Loose Puck Deke moves. By hitting the L1 button (Left Trigger), you can pull off all the fun, impressive moves that you bought the game for. You do give up a ton of control tho but practice, practice, practice. There’s a ton Read More »NHL 13 Dekes