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NHL 13 Dekes


With the start of hockey season, you have to step your game up if you’re playing online with EA Sports’ NHL 13. The hardest part is mastering all the Loose Puck Deke moves. By hitting the L1 button (Left Trigger), you can pull off all the fun, impressive moves that you bought the game for. You do give up a ton of control tho but practice, practice, practice. There’s a ton of youtube videos out there and after spending half an hour flipping thru, you can learn how to increase your stick handling and scoring ten fold.

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Here’s a basic list of some of the moves you can pull off. All of these tips are based on the default north and south cameras where up is shoot, down is pull back, left and right are stick. If you’re using the broadcast view, treat north as towards the goal. I’m a fan of the Broadcast mode and with these graphics, it looks like watching a real game These are based off of a right handed player, just mirror them for any lefties.

  • Basic Deke = East or West on R stick
  • One Hander =hold SouthEast
  • Fake = L1 + North
  • Juke = L1 + South
  • Drag = hold West , L1 + East
  • One Hander Windmill = hold SouthEast, L1 + North.
  • Puck Flip = SouthWest, L1 + North
  • Between the Legs = SouthWest, L1 + East
  • Spin Move = hold Vision Control, Then Circle from West-South-East

Scoring can be a pain, especially in the shootouts, but during the game, I Found the best ways to score are the three basic plays that you see all the time.

  1. Basic Rush, then pass to player following for quick shot. best from one side of the goal to the other.
  2. Quick Wrist shots to the opposite high side of where you are skating. I.E… Going to goal left, aim your left stick Top Right.
  3. Quick Deke then hit the 5 hole.

Anyway, here is a quick video I found that covered alot of the basics. Buy it, get online, and if you’re on PS3 hit me up “C-Milli”


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