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Creating Your Own Hit Songs

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There’s no “set-in-stone” method to writing a song.  Each type of music is a little bit different than the rest, which is what gives them their “oomph”. The beauty of music is it can be anything, Phil Collins made songs using just drum beats and a melody, Skrillex and Dead Mau5 layer noise on top of bass beats for their songs.  Each way is different yet all are still popular.  Here’s a handy quick-sheet for coming up with your own songs.Read More »Creating Your Own Hit Songs

Dimebag Darrell Tone

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Although his setup was as simple as can be, the cutthroat tone that launched forth from his axe is seldom achieved by amateurs and professionals alike. It’s probably the most sought after sound in the metal community, and has been ever since he emerged on the scene with Pantera in the early 90’s.

The Legend Himself; Dimebag DarrellThe Legend Himself; Dimebag Darrell

Pantera themselves were a force more innovative than any other during that period, forming a mechanical tightness that has been constantly imitated but never surpassed.Read More »Dimebag Darrell Tone

Guitar Tone Settings

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So I found a whole list of general settings for different guitar sounds.  These are just the basics for the overall tone and not as in-depth as you may want. You can use these to give yourself a good starting point and then Google more info about the guitarist you’re trying to emulate and see what effects they use on top of the initial amp sound. Give ’em a try and see if it helps you!


Jimi Hendrix of Jimi Hendrix Experiance Read More »Guitar Tone Settings

Guitar Equalizers: Ins and Outs

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For a good even tone no matter what the setting or amp or guitar, you always need a good quality EQ from your guitar to the rest of your effects chain.  For any type of clean playing, it’s necessary in order to smooth out the frequencies of your guitar and amp type.  No one wants to hear a guitar with a loud chime every time one of the higher strings are played, the same as tho you wouldn’t want to have the bass note drown out the rest of the notes in a chord.

The Danelectro Fish n ChipsThe Danelectro Fish n Chips

A good EQ is used to help cut back on the frequencies of your guitar. Read More »Guitar Equalizers: Ins and Outs

Fender Twin Reverb Amp Tones

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I´m sure you all know what we are talking about when you hear the term “classic Fender sound”, right?!? It´s this vintage tone from the old Fender tube amps you can hear on countless records – bright, sparkling, percussive, Fenderish. All Fenders being based on roughly the same electronics, ideas and general schematics so they all have a sweet spot  with generally the same settings. Here’s the actual Fender Twin Amp Owners Manual in case you need that too!

The Legendary Fender Twin Reverb Silverface AmpThe Legendary Fender Twin Reverb Silverface Amp

The Fender “Magic Six” amp setup:Read More »Fender Twin Reverb Amp Tones