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Summer Heat Mango Salsa

Summer brings forth a ton of fruits and vegetables. Now that they’re at their cheapest, You can make up a batch of this great summer salsa for the next pool party, the mangoes and lime helps to take away some of the heat but there’s still a kick to be had.

Summer Heat Mango Salsa
Summer Heat Mango Salsa

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Spicy Crab Party Dip

This Crab dip is a great appetizer for any parties. It takes minutes to make and will stay good for about a week. Just add it to a baking dish and heat up when you’re ready to munch.

Spicy Pepper Crab Party Dip
Spicy Pepper Crab Party Dip

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Sanctuary MW3 Map

Call of Duty just dropped a new batch of DLC content. Sanctuary is a monastary set in the mountains of Greece that offers a good mix of long straightaway and tight quarter areas. with such a good amount of stairs and turns it gives some spots to fall off with no return.

MW3 Sancuary MapWith such a varied landscape,Read More »Sanctuary MW3 Map

KFC Secret Herbs and Spices Recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken is up there in terms of secrecy surrounding it’s recipes. the 11 secret herbs and spices have a ton of theories behind them.  A writer named William Poundstone has done a ton of research on the recipe from talking with employees to hiring cooks to reverse engineer some fried chicken. He says that he came up with THE recipe and he’s slanging it in his cookbook.Read More »KFC Secret Herbs and Spices Recipe