Sweet Bourbon Pork Rub

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This marinade gives a great kick of flavor to Pork Ribs, Chops, Loins and Roasts. Just mix everything together and then marinate the meat overnight in a zip-lock bag. You’ll love how the bourbon and brown sugar give a smooth, sweet finish that glazes nicely on the grill. Sweet Bourbon Pork Rub/Marinade 1/4 Cup Bourbon […]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp

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These little appetizers are a quick tasty treat to whip up for your next gathering.  You can also grill these but you will want to cook the bacon about halfway first before wrapping the shrimp.  Serve with some Sweet Chili Sauce and you have yourself a great tasting snack. Ingredients:

Alligator Fritters

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  This is a awesome recipe for Alligator Fritters, It a deep fried batter mixed with vegetables and meat. These can also be substituted with catfish if you can’t find alligator. You can order it online at a ton of different places. This recipe is a little long, so the short version (TL;DR) of it […]

Roasted Habanero Pepper Paste

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Do you like heat? Well this sauce is great for you! It has a nice burn from the Habaneros but also a smokey smooth flavor from the roasted red peppers. This goes great on fish, pork and chicken but even better as a sandwich spread. Watch out tho because it is hot! Ingredients: 20 Habanero […]

Italian Stuffing (Side Dish)

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Stuffing is the perfect dish for any type of large cooked poultry and even with pork. This is a pretty generic recipe for Italian Style stuffing that really compliments turkey, rotisseried chicken or oven roasted pork loin.  It’s petty easy to make and if you like, you can substitue out the stuffing mix for your […]

Just Cause 2: Points of Interest

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Just Cause 2 is an open world, sandbox type of game where you play as a top level assassin with a grappling hook and parachute. It’s a fun idea, allowing you to float around, dive from above and grapple/connect/attach multiple objects together to really cause some damage.  Flying around I started to notice all kinds […]

Madden 13: Review and Gallery

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The new Madden Football 13 dropped over this Labor Day weekend, what better way to release a game than before a 3 day weekend dedicated to the ‘Merican workforce. I picked it up Friday night and have been playing it nonstop the whole weekend. First things first, the graphics are outta this world.  Super impressed […]