Bacon Wrapped Garlic Clove Bites

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 These little Bacon Wrapped Garlic bombs are just great for parties, if you have a crowd of garlic lovers.  They take minutes to prep and are a nice treat with the sweetness of the Garlic and the saltiness of the Bacon.  With only 2 main ingredients, this is also one of the cheapest party snack […]

James Brown Full Concert

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In a career that spanned six decades, James Joseph Brown profoundly influenced the development of many different musical genres.  Brown performed in concerts, first making his rounds across the Chitlin’ Circuit, and then across the country and later around the world, along with appearing in shows on television and in movies. Although he contributed much to the […]

DayZ Overview

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DayZ  is a multiplayer open world survival horror mod for the 2009 video game ARMA II and its 2010 expansion pack, ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead.  It has been widely praised in the game media for its innovative design elements, with Kotaku and Eurogamer describing it as possibly one of the best zombie games ever made, PCGamer saying it was one of the most important things to happen […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Preview

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Rockstar Games is still working on getting the new Grand Theft Auto ready for distribution. They’ve been releasing some sporadic screenshots the last few months and to say the least, they are looking pretty awesome. The graphics look great and some of the new toys that will be available for use in the new game […]

Mushroom Bacon Cream Sauce

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I’m a huge fan of Bacon and Mushrooms. I just think that together they have a great flavor that goes well with anything like Pizza, Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Pasta and Vegetables.  This is a cream style sauce that is light, pretty quick and easy to make and is just full of flavor.  Add some […]

Sam Raimi’s The Possession

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Sam Raimi has a new movie coming out which looks pretty good.  It has all the standard Raimi trademarks of creepy shit coming out of people’s mouths, flying bugs everywhere, and a fair amount of Jewish mysticism. The movie, supposedly based on a true story,  is about a family who’s daughter finds an old Jewish […]