White Castle Sliders

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White Castle is a great burger shack that is so popular, it even has movies based on just getting there to enjoy one of those greasy cheesy sliders. They are incredibly simple to make and are dirt cheap for the quantity that you get out of a tray. Give it a try and see if […]

Serbian Djuvec

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This recipe is for an old Serbian dish, which is a meat and vegetable casserole of sorts. It’s a great slow cooker recipe as after you chop the veggies and brown the pork, it basically cooks itself.  It’s filling and sticks to your ribs to fill you up and give you that home-food feeling. Ingredients:

German Style Potato Salad

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During the summer, Potato Salad is a staple at just about everyone’s cookout.  it’s quick, flavorful and easy to make, and it goes great with just about everything.  Here’s a recipe for a German style potato salad that gives a little change to the normal boring potatos and oil/vinegar. Ingredients: