Herman Li Guitar Tricks

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Here’s a youtube vid I found of Dragonforce’s guitarist Herman Li explaining how he makes all those wacked out noises using just his guitar, a Floyd Rose and some distortion. The guy really does have some chops for having such a computerized sound, they use a ton of overdubbing tho so at times there’s 8 […]

Italian Roast Pork

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Slow-cooked Italian Pork is a great thing to make to feed yourself all weekend. There’s 2 well-known hoagies with  You can find both types in Philly, one at Tony Lukes and the other at DiNic’s. If you get a big enough shoulder or loin, you can cut the meat in half, slice half for one […]

Broccoli Rabe

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Tommy Dinic’s in Philly makes this Broccoli Rabe that they put on top of their sandwiches, it’s something a little bit different then the usual which makes for an interesting mix. You can make this as a side dish for any type of meat or veggies but, It goes best on top of a Italian […]

So Close…..

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This lucky S.O.B. jumps out of his two-truck moments before it takes a plunge down a long icy mountainside.  The guy in the truck being pulled only had a few broken bones and some scratches, but the tow-truck driver escaped by the skin of his teeth.