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BP-200 Mo-Town / Funky Ampeg

You can use this patch to get that deep bassy funk sound like James Jamerson or Donald Dunn. It’s great for covering almost any funk, R&B, MoTown or most rock songs from the 60’s-70’s.  It’s setup using a DI box or headphones, so depending on the amp and cab you are using, you will probably have to tweak the EQ on the BP-200 a bit to keep from overpowering your setup.

Digitech's BP-200 Bass ProcessorDigitech’s BP-200 Bass Processor

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Guitar Scales Cheat Sheet

I wanted to post this just to have a quick guide up for a reference when needing a different scale pattern to use on the fly. This info came from a variety of sources that I found while browsing around the other day. So, Let’s start with the basic patterns for the main scales everyone needs to know.

A Minor PentatonicRead More »Guitar Scales Cheat Sheet

Billie Jean Bass Tab

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Here’s the bass tab for Mikey J’s classic song, Billi Jean. Everyone knows the bassline for this song, it’s just that popular. It’s really easy to play and once you get the hang of it, you can break off into your own runs on the in-betweens.

RIFF.1 (in F#)

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Creating Your Own Hit Songs

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There’s no “set-in-stone” method to writing a song.  Each type of music is a little bit different than the rest, which is what gives them their “oomph”. The beauty of music is it can be anything, Phil Collins made songs using just drum beats and a melody, Skrillex and Dead Mau5 layer noise on top of bass beats for their songs.  Each way is different yet all are still popular.  Here’s a handy quick-sheet for coming up with your own songs.Read More »Creating Your Own Hit Songs

A Vulgar Picture : Guitar Tab

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I’ve been on quite a Metal kick this week.  Here’s the tabs to one of my favorite songs. It’s a high energy, fast paced, kick you in the teeth and steal your car type of tune that is tons of fun to play along with on guitar.

                               A VULGAR PICTURE
                            The Black Dahlia Murder
                         (From The 2005 Album Miasma)

Transcribed by Jonathan Casper (confinedforever)

Tune guitars to standard down 2 steps (not dropped C)

Gtr I (C F Bb Eb G C) - 'Brian Eschbach'
Gtr II (C F Bb Eb G C) - 'John Kempainen'
Gtr III (C F Bb Eb G C) - 'Lead'

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