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BP-200: Anethesia Settings

This is pretty close of to the tone Cliff has for Metallica’s Anethesia Bass. Make sure you use the bridge pickup if possible to get those extra high notes squealing.

Digitech's BP-200 Bass ProcessorDigitech’s BP-200 Bass Processor

Parameter Settings:

Fretless/Wah Type fulrng
Fret Amount
Fret Attack
Compressor Amount 50
Compressor Gain 5
Compressor Crossover 1.25
Amp/Stompbox Type digfuz
Amp/Stompbox Gain 75
Amp/Stompbox Level 25
EQ Bass 6
EQ Midrange -4
EQ Treble 5
Cabinet 4×10
Gate Type stlncr
Gate Threshold 20
Effect Type off
Effect Amount
Effect Level
Delay Type/Level sprd1
Delay Time 400
Delay Feedback 8
Reverb Type church
Reverb Decay 45
Reverb Level 25
Exp. Param Assign wah
Exp. Min Value 0
Exp. Max Value 20

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