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BP-200 Mo-Town / Funky Ampeg

You can use this patch to get that deep bassy funk sound like James Jamerson or Donald Dunn. It’s great for covering almost any funk, R&B, MoTown or most rock songs from the 60’s-70’s.  It’s setup using a DI box or headphones, so depending on the amp and cab you are using, you will probably have to tweak the EQ on the BP-200 a bit to keep from overpowering your setup.

Digitech's BP-200 Bass ProcessorDigitech’s BP-200 Bass Processor

Parameter Settings:

Fretless/Wah Type Off
Fret Amount
Fret Attack
Compressor Amount 1
Compressor Gain 12
Compressor Crossover 1.0 kHz
Amp/Stompbox Type Bomber
Amp/Stompbox Gain 50
Amp/Stompbox Level 99
EQ Bass 6
EQ Midrange -4
EQ Treble 11
Cabinet 1×15
Gate Type Silncr
Gate Threshold 20
Effect Type Off
Effect Amount
Effect Level
Delay Type/Level Off
Delay Time
Delay Feedback
Reverb Type Studio
Reverb Decay 60
Reverb Level 35
Exp. Param Assign Revlvl
Exp. Min Value 0
Exp. Max Value 86

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