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Marinated Garlic Salad

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Here’s a super easy recipe for all you Garlic lovers out there. Marinated Garlic goes great on the side of Steaks / Chicken / Pork or vegetables. You can also add Hot Peppers to the jars as well. Jalapenos and some Chili powder for a southwest flavor, a few drops of Sesame Oil and a couple Thai Chiles for an Asian style or Scotch Bonnet peppers and a tsp of Allspice for a Jamaican Jerk style Garlic.

Pickled Spicy Garlic
Pickled Spicy Garlic

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Homemade Cured Bacon

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I found this instructable on making your own cured bacon. It was taken from a recipe out of  Charcuterie. This would make for a really neat weekend project, plus it will give you the option to add your own seasonings and flavors…. maybe a Sweet Habanero Breakfast Bacon.


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Hidden Tool Song

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Tool is one of those bands that are known for puting out amazing music with all kinds of messages behind it. Off of 10,000 days, there was a “hidden” song. Not so much hidden as not mixed. there are three songs on the cd that can be combined and overlayed to make an awesome hidden track. I pretty much forgot about this until I was listening to Tool on Youtube and it came onto the playlist. It’s not an amazing song but it’s a good one and fun to check out.

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Southwest Habanero Vinagrette

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This makes for a good sauce to top chicken or pork with. Goes especially well with burritos and tacos. It is extremely hot tho, so try a little at first until you feel the heat once. The vinegar really helps to maximize the oils out of the peppers that carry all the tongue burning capsaicin.


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Velveeta Chocolate Fudge

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Here is a wonderful recipe for some trailer park fudge. It’s a great tasting fudge made with Velveeta cheese, and even tho is sounds weird to use cheese for fudge, you would never know this was made with it. The taste truly is exquisite and the sweetness really is delightful.


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