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Homemade Slivovitz, No Still Needed!

This recipe I found is for an easy to make Slivovitz without the need for a still setup. This only requires a bottle of Everclear and some Plums and Sugar. Since you’re not making your own mash to distill from, the total cost should only be about +-$30 for about 2 5ths of Slivo, which is cheaper than the usual $20 or so for decent slivovitz from the liquor store.

This does take about 3 months or so to get up to taste, so if you make it over the holidays, it can make for a nice Easter present or after holiday dinner drink. Even tho most Slivovitz is Kosher, that’s for the Home Distilled Kind, Using Everclear, which is grain based, will definitely put this drink over the non-kosher line.

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Homemade Latavia Recipe

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Latavia is a Serbian fortified wine, . You’ll want to definitely keep it chilled because it has one helluva bite when it’s warm. You can sip on and and1 glass of this will have you feeling warm and ready to go, or hook it for shots. This will make up about seven 5ths of Latavi for you to enjoy.

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Types of Tea

I seen an article about the different types of tea and I can say that I never knew all tea was the same leave just a different prep process. I drink a ton of tea and always thought that green was different from the regular brown and so on, and it’s cool as hell to see more info about something that I probably drink 3 gallons plus of a week. .

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Bacon Bloody Mary

Here’s a recipe for a Bacon Bloody Mary. This is everything you need for breakfast all in one tasty glass.  I tried one of these at this restaurant in Scottsdale called Culinary Dropout.  It’s a neat place that had a great list of cocktails and this was one of them. You can whip one of these up using the Bacon Infused Vodka and garnish with a fresh slice of bacon.

Bacon Infused Mary
Bacon Infused Mary

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