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Spicy Peppered Vodka or Tequila

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So this is a easy recipe to make a vodka to whatever your heat preference may be.  Once you have it made, the Vodka goes great with Bloody Mary’s  and the Tequila can be shot straight with a cold beer and some homemade Taco Cheesecake Dip. I’m a fan of The Hotter The Better so I like to use Habanero but you can use whatever pepper may be in season or suit your fancy.

Spicy Peppered Vodka
Spicy Peppered Vodka


1 Bottle of Quality Vodka or Tequila
4-6 oz of Hot Peppers (Cheyenne, Jalapeno, Habanero or if your really up for heat use Ghost Peppers).
Mason Jar
Coffee Filter and Funnel


  1. Take the peppers and de-stem then roughly chop, seeds included.
  2. Pour Vodka/Tequila into Mason Jar and throw in the peppers.
  3. Let sit for 4-7 days. Keep out of direct sunlight and don’t let sit for more then 10-14 days as you’ll get a bitter taste.
  4. Line funnel with Coffee Filter and filter Vodka/Tequila back into the original jar.
  5. Enjoy your “FireWater”.

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