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Where to buy replacement truss rod nut?

I'm looking for a replacement truss rod nut for an ibanez BTB 1305e. It's sort of a bullet style, and I'm sure it screws on, I already have it removed. Where would I look to buy a replacement?

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Bass line I laid down on my bands latest song. What do y’all think?

A sharp 80's style tune with indie rock groove I still have so much fun playing this


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A few questions to all Dingwall Afterburner, or other Canadian made Dingwall, owners.

Hey guys, just wanted some opinions from anyone who own Dingwall Afterburners or anything else from one of their Canadian made lines.

Not too long ago I picked up an NG-2 and absolutely love it. It's an amazing instrument and by far my favorite bass to play. So much so that I was thinking about stepping up to one of their Canadian made basses.

My questions are:

  1. If you have played both a Combustion and a Canadian made Dingwall, do you think the difference is worth it?

  2. If you've just played a Canadian made one, what are your general thoughts and comparisons between it and other basses you've played?

  3. If you have played both a Combustion and Canadian made Dingwall, what are both the major, and minor, differences between the two that you notice?

  4. How is the bass overall? Do you really enjoy it, or not so much?

  5. If you have ever dealt with their customer support, how are they? Quick? Nice? Or something else?

  6. Lastly, if you are comfortable answering this one, how much did your Canadian Dingwall cost? What options did you go for? And, what color is it!

Thanks to anyone that can help out. They are super expensive but I would have to imagine if the NG-2s are this nice, they can only get better. Everything I am reading seems to agree with that statement but wanted a few more personal opinions. Have a great day everyone!

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[Feedback] "How Did We Get So Dark?" – Royal Blood (Bass Cover)


I didn't have any of the pedals or amps that Mike Kerr has, but I still wanted to cover "How Did We Get So Dark?" All I had was the overdrive effect on the fender rumble 500 and another overdrive emulator on my computer. Any tips, criticisms, and comments on home recording (and humor) would help. Thanks, /r/bass!

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Fender 69 Bassman with Fender 2×15

Has anyone used a vintage bassman head for their bass rig? If so what did you think? Also, what is everyone's opinion on 15' speakers?

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I just attended my very first open stage session and I wish I hadn’t…

So today was an open stage session in my town with a funk band and everyone was invited to participate with their own instrument. Before the session I talked to the bassist and keyboard player that this was my first time and they could tell I was a hell of a lot nervous. They gave me a few instructions, that the key changes would come when the keyboarder gave a signal and so on and when I plugged in my bass, he told me the chords would be something along the lines of G – C – Eb – F for the first part and a few others for the second one. I tried to get it down in my head but the drummer already started to lay down a beat and I tried to follow by just playing the root and a few arpeggios.

That's when things went downhill pretty fast, because I couldn't keep up with the changes and never knew exactly when a change occurred because I was fixated on my bass and forgot to look up. It didn't help that besides a drummer and keyboard player there was also a guitarist, a percussion player, saxophone and some kind of clarinet I think; I've never played with so many musicians on stage and was completely lost. I watched into some of the faces of the other guys and could see they were confused what was going on, the keyboard player tried to push me to the next chords but I had no idea where he wanted to go. The few minutes on stage felt like hours and I just wanted to vanish or stop this whole thing and run off stage.

Luckily after a few solos of the others I figured that we were once again in the key of G and I just stayed in there for the rest of the song, hoping that this would somehow fit. I think one or two minutes of this whole thing were fun, that's when we just grooved during the last section and I was comfortable with my playing. Right afterwards the keyboard player came to me and asked how things went and I said it was just awful, which he denied and said that he had fun and that I did the only right thing, stay in one key so the others could align. Right when I left I ran into the first bassist and told him the same, that I sucked really really hard and he couldn't understand what I was talking about, he definitely couldn't tell that something went wrong and some other guy chimed in and told me the same. I don't know if they only wanted to cheer me up but man, this was the first and last time I attended something like that, I just wish I would've shut my mouth and wouldn't have gone on stage.

Thanks for reading.

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