[QUESTION] Tuners breaking off acoustic help

I found a cheap acoustic a few months ago and I never bothered to play it much. I changed strings on it once but I don't remember what tension they were. The guitar sat unused for a long time until the strings rusted. While changing the strings today (.009-.045) I noticed two of the tuners had started breaking off in the back where they are screwed onto the headstock. I'm afraid of tuning the guitar to standard. It seems to be fine when tuned a full step down but i'm worried that tuning any higher might damage the headstock further. Any advice?

Blurry picture: http://imgur.com/a/9Cnlx

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Xbox Scorpio Coming To China This Year

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Tiger Woods claims ‘alcohol was not involved’ in DUI arrest

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[NEWBIE] Need help picking out a guitar

So, I'm a newbie who wanted to learn to play this wonderful instrument for a long while, but never had the ability to. Now that I've saved up enough money, I'm finally ready to buy my first guitar and start learning. But I know next to nothing about the distinguishing aspects of different manufacturers and models and component parts. Now, I listen to a lot of diverse metal and rock. But there was always one specific type of guitar sound that held the undisputed number one spot for me. It's perfectly exemplified here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15eu7ar5EKM

So I would like to ask of you to recommend one or two or three models in the sub 200$ range that would come closest to this very clear and clean and precise sound and tone. The shape would definitely be a stratocaster, but the color doesn't really matter.

And of course, I apologize if this is the wrong subreddit for this question, and would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction 🙂 If this is the right place, then I appreciate any help!

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[Question] Looking for help/info with my step grandfather’s old US Strad guitar.

Hey guys, just yesterday I acquired my grandfather's old US Strad "parlor" guitar. Now I know little to nothing about this guitar, only that it's US, handmade, from about 1955. I'm hoping you guys can help share some knowledge about it, as there is little to nothing about it on Google. Here are a few pictures: https://m.imgur.com/a/Xf0xF (I still have the other bridge piece, it fell off when I took off the old strings).

In addition, it is in very rough shape as you can see. Since this thing is a family guitar I'd like to see it look brand new, or get it at least playable, and I'm really not sure how to proceed. As you can see the tuners are rusting, there are a large amount of scratches and gouges in the finish, the "pick guard" is painted on, the neck is peeling away from the body of the guitar and I noticed that one of the tuners isn't original, the nut has the action a little too high, and there is a great deal of gouges in the lower section of the fretboard. Now normally this would merit taking it into an expert, but I don't have the funds for such a job. Are there any of these issues that I could fix myself? Im not worried about lowering the value with replacement parts, as in this condition I'd guess it's only worth $50. Any tips or advice is appreciated guys. It would mean alot to me, and my grandfather to see this thing brand new again.

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Refreshed my first bass – Ibanez RB650

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