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Marilyn Manson: AntiChrist Superstar Full Album

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When Marilyn Manson released Anti-Christ Superstar, there was so much hype about it that it took off the charts, eventually reaching number 3, which for a demonic shock-rock band is practically unheard of. It sold over 7 Million copies throughout the years and solidified Manson’s status as a rock legend.


Co-Produced with Trent Reznor, they worked on creating all kinds of moods and tracks by recording random sounds and bits around Trent’s house.  For your enjoyment, here’s the full album of Marilyn Manson’s Anti-Christ Superstar, More Info below the video…

This record was put out as a “Rock Opera” in three cycles. The three part storyline begins Read More »Marilyn Manson: AntiChrist Superstar Full Album

The Filthy Fifteen

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Back in the ’80’s, Tipper Gore’s panties got in a bunch and she along with some other bored housewives of Senators, City Councelors, decided to cause a ruckus about obscenity in music. They created a committee called the Parents Music Resource Center to try and hide explicit music and remove songs from airplay. They attacked any songs with any mention of sex, violence or explicit language. This is why almost all music will have the Parental Advisory “Tipper” sticker on the front.


The PMRC also released the “Filthy Fifteen”, a list of the 15 songs they found most objectionable:Read More »The Filthy Fifteen