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Metallica: Master Of Puppets Full Album

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One of the best metal CD’s of all time! Metallica’s Master Of Puppets!!! Released in 1986, it was Metallica’s first Gold record, and it was all done with no radio airplay or music videos. This was the last album that Cliff Burton was on before he passed. The album is now certified 6 times platinum from those bastards at the RIAA. This came out about a year after the whole PRMC ruling with the warning stickers, so they had their own which said:

“The only track you probably won’t want to play is ‘Damage, Inc.’ due to the multiple use of the infamous ‘F’ word. Otherwise, there aren’t any ‘Shits,’ ‘Fucks,’ ‘Pisses,’ ‘Cunts,’ ‘Motherfuckers,’ or ‘Cocksuckers’ anywhere on this record”

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