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[QUESTION] Cabinet wiring with caps?

So I just bought a Panama 2×12 cab and it's sounded great in the week or so I've had it. But I just scored a deal on a mini head that's either 4 or 8 ohm. The cab is 16 ohm. So I opened it up to check the wiring and it's wired in series. Cool, I'll rewire it in parallel and I'll be set. But then I noticed these 4 caps wired to the one of the jacks.


Better picture: http://imgur.com/6an0OtF

What's up with this? I've never seen this on the Marshall cab I had before this and googling has yielded nothing. Wiring and electronics aren't my strong suit so learn me something guys.

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[NEWBIE] Learning guitar as a lefty?

I took my first guitar lesson today and they didn't have any left-handed guitars. Is it worth trying to find/buy one?

Any lefties who learned right-handed?

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[Gear] NGD Epiphone Lee Malia Explorer

Took a few shots of my new Epiphone Lee Malia Explorer that I received today and snuck a little bit of it's older brother the Gibson Brendon Small Thunderhorse in there.

I don't know much about Lee Malia but I saw this guitar on L&M's website a few months ago. I loved the fretboard pattern, and gold hardware with the walnut finish on an Explorer body so I had to pre-order it. It wasn't supposed to arrive until October so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email this past Friday saying it had shipped. Unfortunately, that very same week I had made the vow to stop playing guitar for a while as I'd recently injured my shoulder and playing was doing no favors in allowing it to heal right now 🙁

I, of course couldn't resist playing this beauty at least a little bit today and will probably sneak in a few more short sessions in the coming days but it still kills me that I can't give it a proper go for awhile. I'm pretty impressed with it's setup out of the box. Love the sound of the P94 and 84-T for the bit that I've gotten to play them. But the stand out thing for me is the thicker C-shape neck. It's perfect for my big hands and it's my first electric that isn't some slim C or D shape.

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[QUESTION] Vox AC30 – Current C2X vs ’90s/’00s UK-made TBX

I've decided that I will get a Vox AC30 with Celestion Blue speakers. At the moment, I have a line on three choices:

*15-year-old English-made Korg era AC-30/6 TBX for $999 (free shipping).

Pros: Very broken-in Celestion Alnico Blue speakers. Awesome clean. Very highly regarded era for AC-30s, & closest to '60s vintage style. Probably best bang-for-buck relative to what the market generally charges.

Cons: PCB-mounted tubes & tube rectifier make me worry about reliability. It's also hard to gauge what servicing a 15-year-old amp will require. No reverb, no master volume.

*Used AC-30C2X for $839 ($749 plus $90 shipping).

Pros: Somewhat broken-in Alnico Blue speakers. Master volume control. Excellent reverb & tremolo. Very pleased with clean & light OD sounds. Chance to save $$. Solid state rectifier & chassis-mounted tubes.

Cons: No warranty. I've heard conflicting opinions about the reliability of recent AC-30s since production moved to Asia.

*New AC-30C2X for $1039 (free shipping).

Pros: Will be under warranty for a few years. Celestion Alnico Blue speakers. As mentioned before, yay master volume control + reverb + tremolo + clean & light OD! Solid state rectifier & chassis-mounted tubes.

Cons: Most expensive option. Will take time to break in the speakers.

Truth be told, I'm not too concerned about whether an amp comes from England or Asia (both my guitars come from Indonesia), whether there's a master volume (I have a 50-watt Weber attenuator), or if the circuit is totally vintage-correct. My biggest concern is durability/reliability.

So, what do you all think? Any experience with the Korg-era British-made AC30s vs the current model?

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[QUESTION] Just received a Kapo I ordered, they sent me one for a Banjo/Uke. Can I still use it?

Question in the title pretty much, I ordered a decent quality Kapo and they sent me the smaller, Banjo/Uke one.

It still mechanically bars all the way across the fret, but do you think it will cause any issues?

Any input is appreciated, thanks for reading.

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[QUESTION] Is doing a full yoga routine before practice a little to much?

It's a 15 min routine for the shoulders and back. Idk I've been doing it for a year now to tackle tension in shoulders and back while playing standing. No huge improvement noticed but I did improve.

…………….I feel silly asking this question

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