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[Question] Alternative to Vox Amplug

I knocked my Amplug against the corner of my desk yesterday and the housing on the jack cracked in half, yanking the connector out with it. Before I get out the soldering iron and glue to piece this thing back together, are there any cool alternatives out there?

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[Question]Guitar Center Online Store Survey

Hey, I'm currently working on a college project regarding Guitar Center's inventory management system for their online store. I would greatly appreciate it if you completed the short questionnaire below. Thank you.


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[Play] After 7 Years, I finally started to properly practice. Judge some riffing please.

I've been on and off on guitar since the end of 2009. Noodling around till I got my first electric guitar in the end of 2012. However for 5 years I didn't really practice anything still. I know some music theory from my class 5 years ago, and I know some techniques only in theory but not in practice. And various technical(gear) knowledge that's not too useful whilst playing.

After spending my first semester I brought my guitars with me to my dorms. And started practicing somewhat properly since this january.

It's a bunch of Pantera riffs I learnt in the last 3 months. I know I'm off beat in some places. I'm also working on the first 2/3s of the Walk Solo.

The Video

I'm running an iRig aplitube plug into Garageband. Filmed on an iPhone.

I've never taking it seriously until this year. I've got myself a plan to practice some specific songs. But if anyone could tell me some tips. I did this in one take, after warming up. I felt like I needed someone other than my friend too judge my playing.

I'm looking for some feedback. Disregard the tone if you think it sucks or isn't accurate. I'm not trying to duplicate the tone. I'm trying to learn the playing.

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[GEAR] Will this affect the playability of the guitar?

I'm going to be purchasing a second guitar soon and I found an Ibanez RG3EX1 at a local pawn shop but there is like a hole in the back of the guitar at the following picture.


I was just wondering if this will affect the guitar or maybe even if it doesn't immediately will it in the future under all the string tension?

At the following link are some pictures to it and from what I can see there seems to be a lot of scratches on it but maybe someone else can find more things wrong with it.


EDIT: Does anyone have experience with this guitar? I currently own an RG450DX in purple and I can't imagine it being too different.

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[QUESTION] Can anyone help me identify this National/Valco amp?

Hi guys, just seeing if anyone can help me figure out a year or model for this amp. I believe it is a near WW2 amp, based on the tags, but other than that I am lost. I have a friend I could ask that may know, but this might be a gift for him in the near future, if I can figure out what it is. Thanks again for any help! http://imgur.com/a/POCoJ

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[QUESTION] How would I go about hydrodipping ?

I am planning on hydro dipping the body of my electric guitar but I can't seem to find any solid instructions in what you need and how to do it, any insights ?

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