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[QUESTION] In sound, what’s the difference between a Standard Strat. and an HSS Standard Strat?

I have an HSS, but I can't seem to hear the difference between it and a American standard. Please note I only have 2 months experience, so I'm not exactly tuned into to sound differences. Pun intended.

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[Question] how to advance my skill level?

Hello all! First post here, please direct me to the right sub if this isnt it!

I have been playing guitar for 10 years now. I learned to play by ear and never really bothered with learning all the technical stuff like scales, keys, theory and so on. Now, as i am starting to try to write my own stuff, i'm realizing how much i need those things. I can read tabs, chords, and music, (though i havent since high school band class). I have so much music in my head with no way to put it to paper and its frustrating. I know what notes i want to play, but i dont know how to play them. I'm wondering what my first step should be from here? Scales? Keys? Learning about theory? WHAT DO I DO?!?

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[GEAR] NGD – How not to ship a guitar

http://imgur.com/a/5KGjo This is how my Epiphone Dot arrived at my doorstep. As to be expected the neck is broken so unfortunately it will be going back out the door tomorrow.

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[QUESTION] Guitar Neck Alignment

I own a classical guitar and a Martin X series dreadnought acoustic. I've been playing guitar for a while now but I have just now started looking into the effects of humidity and neck bending. I've had the classical guitar for about 5 months now and the Martin for a few weeks. While the classical guitar has a more noticeable inward bend in the neck, the strings don't buzz and it doesn't seem to effect my playing. The Martin has a much slighter bend and still no buzzing. I have done a lot of research on neck bending but I can't get any answers as to what is acceptable and normal for guitars and what needs to be adjusted. Any tips?

Classical guitar: http://imgur.com/kPFFrOl

Martin: http://imgur.com/2nxTgLp

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[GEAR] Made my own pedal board today. Now I need more.


About 2 hours of work. Still need to add some kind of wire management and more Velcro. Still have room for a couple more pedals!

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[QUESTION] Played self taught for a long time, but want to practice properly. Where do I start?


I've been playing electric guitar somewhat intermittently now for around 10 years (yikes) and while I have fun with it I know that I stopped improving ages ago. The songs I struggled with 7 years ago I still struggle with today. I moved countries last year and finally got my guitar here, so I thought I would start playing again, but I want to structure it so that in 5 years maybe I can play some cooler stuff.

So, to elaborate a bit more, I mostly started playing guitar to play along to Iron Maiden songs. They have a lot of songs with parts that beginners can play without too much effort, and I did improve this way gradually attempting harder and harder songs. However, the solos in almost all their songs were a huge roadblock and that is where I got stuck. The gulf between my ability and what was required was too high for me to progress and I never found the path around that.

I know I need some structured practice and not just partially learning random songs. I'm just not sure where to start or look for resources. There is probably a lot of stuff taught to beginners that would be useful for me, but it'd be hidden in a pile of stuff that I know. I'm probably going to take lessons at some point when I get back into the swing of things.

My biggest goal would be to play cleaner. To give you an indication of my current skill, or rather lack thereof, the toughest songs I'm able to play are probably 5150 by Van Halen and Holy Wars… by Megadeth, without the solos of course, but I play them sloppily and it frustrates me. The only thing I'm decent at is listening, since I tried from the start to learn by ear as much as possible.

Anyway, any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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