New Vs. Re-Issue

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All guitarists are in search of that “tone” whether it’s a rock legend that they want to copy or just the quest for the perfect tone that raises the hair on their back. “Tone” is something that can’t really even be described. It’s a combination of so many minutely, user-dependant, changes in sound that it […]

Dunlop Wah Pedals

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Jim Dunlop is famous for a tons of guitar gear. Effects, Strings, Picks, Slides, Straps and tons of accessories. Chances are, you have something from them if you play. The Wah-Wah pedal is one of the most iconic effects ever invented and Dunlop has a full line to meet any needs that may arise.   […]

Herman Li Guitar Tricks

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Here’s a youtube vid I found of Dragonforce’s guitarist Herman Li explaining how he makes all those wacked out noises using just his guitar, a Floyd Rose and some distortion. The guy really does have some chops for having such a computerized sound, they use a ton of overdubbing tho so at times there’s 8 […]