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Fender Silverface Twin Reverb Schematics

Yep, The title says it all. These are the electrical schematics for a ’74 Silver Twin Reverb. In case you need to change any wiring, pots, resistors or tubes, this print will help keep it all organized for you.

100w RMS Twin Reverb
100w RMS Twin Reverb

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you do not know how to properly discharge the capacitors on the amp then just take it into an authorized dealer and let them do any repairs needed.  These amps carry a ton of juice in the caps that can blow your amp and kill you if they discharge into you, just as bad as sticking a fork into an industrial (220) outlet.

Fender Amp Twin 100W Schematic
Fender Amp Twin 100W Schematic with Master Volume Control


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