Oreo Truffles

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These tasty little treats are super easy to make and they are perfect for an after holiday dinner dessert and go great with coffee for breakfast. Instead of paying way too much for the store brand, you can make your own batch of 40 or so up for about 7$ which is almost unheard of […]

Velveeta Chocolate Fudge

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Here is a wonderful recipe for some trailer park fudge. It’s a great tasting fudge made with Velveeta cheese, and even tho is sounds weird to use cheese for fudge, you would never know this was made with it. The taste truly is exquisite and the sweetness really is delightful. Ingredients:

Reese’s No Bake Snacks

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If you are a fan of Reese Peanut Butter Cups then you will get a kick out of these. No need to turn on the oven, just mix, layer and chill. These are also a lot cheaper than buying the Reese’s themselves and you don’t have added preservatives in your snacks. Ingredients:

Candied Brown Sugar Bacon

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Bacon is amazing, but sweet tangy Bacon is even better! Try out this next time you’re making breakfast for a great switch from the regular bacon you make all the time and it will save you from having a hot greasy pan pop up at you as you’re finishing your eggs. Ingredients: