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New Lonely Island Video: Y.O.L.O.

The Lonely Island guys always make some awesome videos. Here’s a new one that’s pretty good, I’m sure it’s gonna make some bank off of the Youtube ads.

This one has the biggest, sexiest hook ever.

I’m On A Boat! Can’t go wrong with the hook on this one. Plus I’m sure it was a blast to spen da day or two on a yacht, boozing it up and filming a music video.

Like A Boss is just funny. If you do office work then you’ll be thinking of this song all day.

When Justin Timberlake gets on a song it’s gonna be a hit , and Mother Lover is straight up top 40 quality. SNL Is pretty hit and miss but they really use the hell outta Youtube to market themselves and they’re just raking that money into bags.


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