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Marilyn Manson: AntiChrist Superstar Full Album

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When Marilyn Manson released Anti-Christ Superstar, there was so much hype about it that it took off the charts, eventually reaching number 3, which for a demonic shock-rock band is practically unheard of. It sold over 7 Million copies throughout the years and solidified Manson’s status as a rock legend.


Co-Produced with Trent Reznor, they worked on creating all kinds of moods and tracks by recording random sounds and bits around Trent’s house.  For your enjoyment, here’s the full album of Marilyn Manson’s Anti-Christ Superstar, More Info below the video…

This record was put out as a “Rock Opera” in three cycles. The three part storyline begins Read More »Marilyn Manson: AntiChrist Superstar Full Album

Faith No More; Angel Dust

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Faith No More is an rock band from San Fran, Ca. They were ahead of their time with the compositions that they came up with. Everyone born in the 80’s remembers the MTV video that ended with the fish flopping around out of water. So many bands nowadays credit them as inspiration and they truely deserve it.


Here’s the Full Album of Angel DustRead More »Faith No More; Angel Dust

Hidden Tool Song

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Tool is one of those bands that are known for puting out amazing music with all kinds of messages behind it. Off of 10,000 days, there was a “hidden” song. Not so much hidden as not mixed. there are three songs on the cd that can be combined and overlayed to make an awesome hidden track. I pretty much forgot about this until I was listening to Tool on Youtube and it came onto the playlist. It’s not an amazing song but it’s a good one and fun to check out.

tool_10000daysRead More »Hidden Tool Song